Perfect Family Fall Sessions

Fall is right around the corner.  Is your business ready?  Client’s love fall sessions but they are overwhelming for photographers.  Let Iris Works help prep your business for the upcoming busy session with tips on on creating the perfect fall family sessions. 


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the session request for fall?  Prep yourself for fall sessions by using Iris Works leads page.  Iris’ automation will begin as soon as you receive a new lead.  Never miss another lead request by using the automated leads email feature.  You can include booking calendars, questionnaires and investment guides in your initial email.  Clients will love the immediate response.  Want to learn how to setup your leads page?  Check out our latest youtube video on setting up your leads page.


Personalized sessions make photographers stand out.  Use questionnaires to prep for your fall sessions.  Iris helps you get to know your client with custom surveys that can automatically be sent out via workflow.  Want to learn more about the benefits of a client questionnaire?  Check out this blog.


Make your business stand out by implementing workflows.  Workflows have the ability to take your business to the next level. Workflows trigger a series of task to keep your business running smoothly and keep you organized.  Use Iris workflows to send out session reminders, locations and prep guides.  Your client’s will be blown away by your attention to the details.  Want to learn on how to get started on creating the perfect workflow for your business?

Check out our blog on creating workflows.   Do you want a prebuilt workflow? Iris subscribers have exclusive access to The Marketplace. Find curated workflows with expert questionnaires and email templates from top photographers. Shop your favorite and we’ll automatically load it into your Iris account.


Fall Family Sessions
Post Shoot

Don’t let your communication end when the session is complete, keep those lines of communication open. Sending out a thank you email after your session makes your business more personalized.  But don’t stop there.  Iris now offers email marketing! Keep your clients up to date with newsletters and special events.  Want to learn more about Iris’ email marketing platform ? Check out our youtube tutorial on email marketing.





*all images provided by Morgen Hooper – Designed in Love 

Family Fall Sessions

Are you ready to start prepping for the perfect fall family sessions?  Sign up for your free 14 day trial of Iris.



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