All About Client Questionnaires: What are the benefits?

Are you using client questionnaires before your photography sessions? If not – then you are missing out on an important business tool! 

But what is all the big fuss about questionnaires? Using questionnaires before your session can provide many benefits and actually help you save time so you can focus on other tasks in your business. 

Let’s dive into how client questionnaires can help your business!

client questionnaires save time

Questionnaires Save Time

Instead of sending multiple emails back and forth or making multiple calls to get information from your client prior to their session, using a questionnaire saves you time by having all your questions and information gathering in one place. Your emails and their responses won’t get buried in your inbox when you send a questionnaire to them. Once your client completes a questionnaire, you can easily view all their anwers in one place. 

Iris even has an option to map their answers to specific areas within their client profile when they complete questionnaires, so you won’t need to copy that information by hand. 

Build Trust and Instant Rapport with your Clients

Questionnaires are a great tool to build trust and rapport with your clients. Asking the right questions can help you learn more about your clients and use that information to connect with them at your session. 

Remembering what makes their kid smile, or something special about your client will go a long way with making them feel comfortable at their session – especially for clients who haven’t worked with you before. Your clients will be impressed with your efforts to get to know them better. 

Customize Your Sessions

Questionnaires are also a great way to provide your clients with a customized session experience. By asking questions about your client’s goals and preferences, you’ll be able to customize their dream session with you. You can set yourself up for success by asking just a few simple questions in your questionnaires –  like if they prefer candid shots or more posed, what they plan to do with their images, or preferences for locations. 

Questionnaires allow me to connect with my client on a deeper level and get all of the information I need in a quicker amount of time. I’m able to use the information from my questionnaires to truly craft a session and experience that goes above and beyond.

Brooke Jefferson

Brooke Janae Photography

Get Your Clients Excited!

Not only will the use of questionnaires benefit you and your business, but as a bonus it will help get your clients excited about their session! They will feel more invested in their upcoming photoshoot with you because they are participating in the planning process.

Understanding some basic information about your clients will put you in the driver’s seat for your session. Iris Works will not only help you build your client questionnaires, but will automate the emails that get them into your clients’ hands. Get started by adding questionnaires to your workflow today!

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