Workflows and Automation

Create fully customizable workflows and let Iris Works do the heavy lifting for you. Send invoices, contractsquestionnaires and emails without lifting a finger!

No More Busy Work

Use any of our free workflow templates, or create your own and allow Iris Works to give your clients the best experience possible. Automate the sending of necessary session information, contracts, questionnairesinvoices and any other important client information. Our workflows are preprogrammed or can be fully customized to your business needs. 

Iris Works, example of a photography workflow
Iris Works example of workflow reminders

Automation with control

Pick and choose which tasks you want to have automated and which tasks you want to review first. With our unique options, you can edit each client email before it gets sent. Iris Works will remind you when the email is due to be sent, giving you the opportunity to customize it further before sending. 

Curated Workflows

Build your account with any of our free workflow templates, or choose one from our Iris Works ambassadors. Iris subscribers have exclusive access to The Marketplace. Find curated workflows with expert questionnaires and email templates from top photographers. Shop your favorite and we’ll automatically load it into your Iris Works account.


Curated workflows for professional photographers