30 Questions to Include in Your Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Cover Important Topics

Whether you’re a new photographer gaining experience in the wedding industry or a seasoned professional, there are a few practices you should enact in your business, regardless of your tenure. One of these practices is developing and sending a wedding photography questionnaire.

These simple questionnaires should be a vital part of your process, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the couple, the event, and your client’s expectations. By having your clients complete a wedding photography questionnaire, you can view their dream wedding through their eyes, learning what’s most important and what should top your must-photograph list.

Establish a Flow

Once you’ve established what the flow of the wedding will be like and what your clients prioritize, you can also use the wedding photography questionnaire to help you build a shooting schedule. Instead of operating reactively, the questionnaire can guide you in flowing seamlessly along with the wedding events as they unfold.

Sounds good? We think so, too. However, making a wedding photography questionnaire (or refreshing your existing one) can feel overwhelming at times. Are you asking the right questions? How do you ensure your clients complete the wedding photography questionnaire in a timely fashion and with accurate representations? What answers should alert you to potential red flags?

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Here are 30 questions you need to be asking your wedding couples on their questionnaires:

    1. Where are the bride and groom getting ready? (include addresses)
    2. Is hair and makeup team coming to you or are you going to a salon?
    3. What time is the bride’s hair and makeup scheduled to start?
    4. Do you plan on doing a first look?
    5. If so, do you know where would like that to happen?
    6. Do you have any spots in mind where you would like to do wedding party and bride and groom photos?
    7. How many people are in your wedding party?
    8. Do you have any “must-have” photographs? (Specific poses beyond what is typically captured on a wedding day. We do not guarantee any photographs, but we will make it a priority to capture the shots listed.)
    9. Where is your ceremony taking place? (include address)
    10. What time will your ceremony start time and how long do you expect it to last?
    11. Are there any specific rules to be aware of for your ceremony?
    12. Are you doing a receiving line after your ceremony?
    13. Are you doing a formal exit from the ceremony? If so, what type?
    14. What type of transportation will you have between ceremony and reception (if in different location)?
    15. Where is your reception, if different? (include address)
    16. Will you be having a cocktail hour?
    17. What time do you need to be at your reception for introductions?
    18. What is the order of events at your reception?
    19. Are you having sit down, buffet, or family-style dinner?
    20. Are there any special/unusual parts of your wedding day that we should be aware of?
    21. What are the bride’s parents’ names and what is their marital status?
    22. What are the groom’s parents’ names and what is their marital status?
    23. How many siblings do you each have?
    24. Are there any special family circumstances that we should be aware of? (divorces, deaths, dramas, etc)
    25. Are there any additional family groupings you would like during family photo time outside of the immediate family list we capture? (Keep in mind this may add 2-3 minutes per pose to setup.)
    26. Are there any additional family or friend groupings you would like us to get at the reception?
    27. Are you working with a planner? If so, what is their name and contact number?
    28. Who is your DJ or band?
    29. Do you have a videographer? If so, what is their name?
    30. Do you have a wedding hashtag?

By creating these questionnaires, you can easily gather all of their information for their wedding day from start to finish.This will make it a lot easier to put together a timeline draft and make sure there aren’t any scheduling issues before the big day.

What other questions do you like to ask your wedding couple before their big day?  — Did you know that with Iris Works, we have the ability to automatically send your clients questionnaires before their wedding? Give us a try! Sign up for your free trial today!




  1. Miranda Mirsec

    Thank you for always offering content to help photographers. I would however, think twice about this list. It’s fine for internal use but I WOULD never hand this to a client and ask them to fill it out. Reason: 1) Clients hate filling out forms and will never return it. In fact if I had someone hand me this list I would question my choice in photographer. 2) Many of these questions you should easily get answered without having to ask the question during a “get to know you” consultation. 3) Questions 4, 6, 8, 25 & 26 only open up a can of worms. and honestly would be expected of a novice photographer. A seasoned photographer knows how to guide a couple through the day of events and decides how to best captures those events without putting it on the couple to give them a list of guests, locations or poses. 4) Most of these questions would benefit from re-wording to acquire quality information back from the couple. Knowing how to engage with them in a way that produces an insight into who they are will in they end create a closer relationship AND provide you with a much richer level of responses/information. I”m so sorry for this long critique of the article…but it pains me to see photographers walk into situations that could have been avoided.

    • Megan - Iris Works

      Hi Miranda! We’ve found in the wedding industry, it’s common to send out a questionnaire similar to this before the wedding day. We stand by most of the questions, however we did rephrase #25 to be any additional family groupings outside of a standard immediate family list. Even if information was covered during initial consults, it’s nice to know if they’ve made any changes and have a reference to go back to later. We love finding ways to streamline your business and if you are shooting 20+ weddings a year, sending out a questionnaire to get this info before consults is a great way to do that. As always, we appreciate hearing feedback!

      • Jeanette

        I would agree with Megan, Once you’re shooting 20-40 weddings a year, it is SO helpful to pull out a piece of paper or pull up an email with all these details in writing. Even though we go over most of this stuff along the client journey, it’s hard to keep each client straight. Using these questions helps us to be on top of things!

  2. Onya Jones

    I like the questionnaire although I will maybe ask half or even a fourth of these questions. I actually have a questionnaire that I use for general photo shoots but this one gives me great ideas for a separate wedding questionnaire. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wedding Palace

    Wow! That was worth a read. Thank you much for sharing!

  4. Linda

    This is great, thank you for sharing. <3

  5. Josh Fernandez

    I think this is a solid set of questions, Megan. Thanks for sharing.
    Besides being organized, a questionnaire helps the whole wedding team if used properly.

    By sliding in a caveat that I, as the photographer, would happily fill-out any details I already have (names of clients, phone numbers, dates, etc.). This lessens the clients’ task and would add a proof of value I have for my clients. A photographer is usually within the first 3 wedding vendors to be hired. The data collected may be used to help wedding planners put together their timeline and build relationships with fellow-vendors. It’s almost certain they don’t have anything yet as they’re almost always the first ones to be hired. I usually ask the couple to refer anyone who needs the same set of info to me so I could share what I have. This usually leads to better recall value between my co-vendors.

    Of course, this is different for everyone but younger couples recently have a tendency to favor efficiency over warm and fuzzy.

  6. David

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