Keys to Successful Senior Shoots

When starting a senior photography business, we often equate a successful senior program by the amount of clients we book.  Running a successful senior photography business is a lot more than the quantity of clients you schedule.  The key to a great senior business starts with the senior shoot.  In this week’s blog, we will talk about the keys to successful senior shoots.

Asking the right questions – Questionnaires

Asking the right questions will help set the tone for your senior session.  Ask questions that help you get to know them. For instance, what extra circular activities they are involved in, what do you do for fun, and what their plans are for the future. We even suggest asking them their favorite genre of music or best vacation they ever took. Asking personal questions will engage your senior client and helps to cultivate a relationship from the beginning. Another important topic to address in your client questionnaire is about their session. Find out about your client’s personal style, dream shots and if they would like to incorporate special items in to their shoot. Still need help with coming up with questionnaire ideas?  Check out our list on the 15 questions you should add to your senior questionnaire. Need more ideas on how to use a questionnaire to give your clients the best experience? Check out this blog.

Did you know with Iris Works, you have the ability to automatically send your clients senior questionnaires before their session? You can create questionnaires easily, attach the questionnaire to an email template and put that email into a workflow to automatically send to your client without lifting a finger.

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Consistency is important in any business but even more so with the senior photography business. Why you may ask? Because seniors talk. If Jen has a different experience than her friend Heather, there is a good chance that will be a topic of discussion the next time the girls chat.  If both girls have a positive experience, all of their friends will know and inevitably it can lead to more clients. Now, if they have a negative experience, it is a high probability many her sphere of influence will hear about it.  Successful senior shoots create a domino effect that creates more bookings and new clients.

Success Senior Shoots

Multiple Touch Points

Having multiple touch points for your senior sessions is important. Do you go radio silent after your client books their session? Make sure that you are keeping lines of communication open often after your client books their session. Are you thinking,  who has time for that? Well, Iris is here to help. With Iris, you can create a series of emails to send to your client throughout their experience with you. Iris workflows help make sure that emails are sent in a consistent manner and ensure that you do not miss a beat. Want to learn more about getting started with workflows?  We have created a list on how to get your workflow started.

 Ongoing communication is a no-brainer, but keep mining for nuggets to help make a senior’s session unique. Everyone wants that one special thing. Once I took an off-handed comment about a senior loving her goldfish and turned it into a “princess and the frog (uh, fish)” style set. She loved it. It helps keep that creativity flowing too.

Tracy Anderson

Reflect your client’s personality

Senior sessions are unique in that each session will be a little different. We all have different personalities and that is important to senior clients.  hey don’t necessarily want their session to look identical to their friend’s session.  Seek out locations and help your client’s find  that reflect their personality.

Want to learn more about running a successful senior business?  Check out our blog by Sean Brown, one of the leading senior photographers in the nation. 

Ready to have a  successful senior shoot?  Try Iris Works for 14 days to raise the bar on your senior client interaction.



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