Automated Invoices and IPS Payments

Invoice upgrades are hot off the presses: automated invoicing, invoice templates and IPS payment options!   Invoice templates are finally live. We’ve all been so anxious to have them… and they’re finally here! There’s nothing worse than creating the same invoice over and over again. Now you won’t have to! Instead, you’ll just create and…

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Top 5 Tools for Your Photography Business

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Running a small photography business can be tough. You’re juggling so many different business tasks AND trying to channel your creativity all at the same time. It’s hard to find a balance between the two, especially since they use completely different sides of your brain. A lot of times we see photographers focusing solely on…

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Feature Update: Lead Page

You asked. We listened. And voilà(!)—the Iris Works lead page is now better than ever. Whether you’re new to Iris Works or an old pro with the app, change is good. And we’ve made some big ones that we can’t wait for you to use.   Options. We are excited to announce that you now…

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3 Reasons to Use an Accounting System

We tend to do it to ourselves. We wait until the last minute, and tax time gives us a swift kick to the gut every time. But why? As a photographer and business owner, a simple spreadsheet may seem just that – simple. But in reality, we waste more time than we’d like to admit…

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Music Made Easy

Videographers and even quite a few photographers, know that finding good, meaningful and affordable music for videos and slideshows is difficult. There are some great options in the market for creatives – including Animoto and Triple Scoop Music. And just recently a new online music licensing service came into the picture – Tracks. We chatted…

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3 Key Steps to In-Person Sales

The dreaded three words that make photographers cringe – in-person sales. Less than 5 years ago, those words didn’t mean much in the photography industry. Digital sales were the way of the world for many photographers. Gallery sites helped photographers make a little post-session cash, without having to do a thing.  That’s still the case…

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Shootproof + Iris

Together at last! We’re excited to announce the integration of ShootProof with Iris Works! So what does this mean? When you book a session for a client through Iris, we will automatically create a gallery within Shootproof with all of your client’s information. You can view all ShootProof galleries associated with that client within the…

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Camera Bags – Top 4 Picks for Photographers

camera bags that have functionality, quality, and style

Photographers love accessories for their gear more than the gear itself (well, that’s not entirely true – but you get the point). And because we love our gear, we have to find the perfect camera bags to not just protect them, but look good, too. We’ve picked our top 4 camera bags for photographers, based…

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Favorite Weather Apps

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It’s spring time here in the Midwest, which means you can hear the groans of photographers having to reschedule sessions due to rain. Weather is one of the hardest elements you have to battle when it comes to sessions, and we’ve got a list of some of our favorite weather apps to help you make…

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