10 Reasons to use a Photography CRM

Running a photography business is not always puppy dogs and rainbows. It can be overwhelming at times. Using a photography CRM will help not only elevate some anxiety about your business but will also ensure that you do not miss anything. In this blog, we’re focusing on about reasons to use a photography CRM.

Fully Automate your Business

1. Calendar – Iris Works allows your client to book their session online. Setup your online booking calendar, attach a contract and invoice and let your clients select their session date. Make life simpler by adding a workflow to the calendar. Want to learn more about automating your calendar? Check out this blog.

2. Contracts – Iris allows users to easily send and receive contracts to their clients.  Have your client sign their contract digitally so that you never miss another contract again.

3. Invoices – With Iris, you can send out invoices and get paid instantly.  Getting paid has never been easier!  Select a payment processor, create an invoice and send it directly to your client’s inbox.

Invoicing for photographers

Still not convinced your need a Photography CRM? Let’s keep going.

Client Management

4.  Questionnaires-  Iris allows you to create questionnaires directly in our CRM. You can create as many questionnaires as you like. Use these questionnaires to find out more about your clients and to personalize their session. Want to learn more about questionnaires?  Check out our latest blog on questionnaires.

5. Leads – With Iris, you can create a leads page for potential clients. You can have your client select their session preference and even have Iris send out an automatic lead response.

6. Workflows –  Workflows help streamline your business. Assign workflows to your clients so that you never miss an email again. Need help setting up your workflow? No worries, we have you covered. Learn more about workflows here.

Ease of Use

7.  Integration – Did you know that Iris integrates with Square, Paypal and Stripe? Use quickbooks?  No problem, Iris integrates with quickbooks online.

8. Locations –  You can create a database of all your favorite locations right in Iris!   Upload a photo of your favorite spot and add notes.

9. Mobile – Are you constantly on the go?  Iris Works is mobile responsive.  You will always have your client’s information at your fingertips.

10. Migrations – Are you already with  another CRM?  Iris offers free migration services for new clients coming from another studio management system.  We transfer over items such as, client information , email templates, contracts, invoice templates and questionnaires. 

Are you ready to start using a photography CRM?  Sign up for your free 14 day trial with Iris.



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