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Your Studio. All In One Place.

Your studio dashboard will give you a snapshot of your business on one single page—including your upcoming schedule, to-do list, recent client and activity and even weather forecasts for the upcoming days.

Manage Clients

Whether you’re looking for your new leads or your existing clients, everything you need to know is in one place. We’ve made it easy for you to have your website leads automatically integrate into your client list, create groups of clients for targeted email communications and have all of their information at the touch of a button.

Work Smarter

Running a photography business is hard. We get it. But your days of forgetting to send out important updates, client questionnaires and invoices are over. Once you decide on your workflows, we’ll do the heavy lifting. Your client communications, personalized with variable data and custom images, will be seamless and automated from here on out.

Book Your Clients

Your schedule never quite looks the same week after week. When we set out to create Iris Works + Booking, we were focused on one thing: making your life easier. You simply choose the times that work for you and Iris takes care of the rest. It allows you to add another seamless piece to a workflow that will help your business thrive and evolve.

Share Your Brand

Your brand is important and you want your messaging to be consistent. As your clients move through your process (as determined by your workflow), they will receive whatever marketing materials, questionnaires and attachments you’ve created to solidify their experience with you. This insures that every time your client receives a message, it’s consistent and in-line with the branding that you’ve worked so hard on.

Get Paid Fast

Let’s be honest: how quickly you get paid matters. With Iris Works, it’s simple. Our invoicing system makes it easy for you to create and send an invoice with a few easy clicks. We make your invoices look good and give your clients plenty of options to pay. Our partnerships with PayPal, Stripe, Square and Quickbooks will help you track invoices, report revenue and enjoy your life.

And More

We want to make this easy for you. So why not a few more bells and whistles? Our unique scouting feature allows you to track and store your favorite locations for taking photographs. With just a few clicks, you can send your clients a location—complete with directions—from within the system. And our built-in gallery feature and partnerships with companies like ShootProof allow you to show off your work easily and with pride.