Studio Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your business on a single page, with features including your upcoming schedule, to-do list, recent client activity, and even weather forecasts for your upcoming shoots.

Manage Clients and New Leads

Designed for photographers, the Client Profile keeps everything related to your clients organized and in one place. Automatically add new leads from your website by integrating your unique Iris lead form.

Plus our Groups feature allows for creation of custom groups, allowing you to easily send targeted emails to your clients in just one click.


Never forget to send out important information, questionnaires, or invoice a client again. Keep track of important task items, deadlines and client communication with Workflows. Let Iris do some of the work for you.

Use our pre-loaded workflow templates or create your own, and let us handle any communications to your clients automatically!

Automated Messaging

Get the most out of email communication by loading your email templates into Iris and build them into your workflows. Have emails ready to send at any time, for every occasion. 

Iris takes communication to a whole new level without sacrificing your personal touch. Utilize variables as placeholders for your clients name, session time, and more. You can even add in banner images for each email template. 

Questionnaires & Documents

Create custom client questionnaires to quickly gather information before their session. You can also upload your educational PDFs to send to clients. All of your important documents are housed in one place!

Even let us send your questionnaires and PDFs for you by attaching them to one of your email templates and adding them to your workflow.


Contracts are necessary in order to protect yourself from the unexpected. Iris puts you in the driver’s seat, helps you keep track of who has signed, who needs to, and allows you to customize them for every occasion.

To make things easier you can send and receive e-signed contracts from your clients, and maintain them all within the client’s profile.


Getting paid is simple! Iris provides easy to use customized and professional invoices that integrated with PayPal, Stripe, and Square to seamlessly collect payments.

Iris will track your outstanding invoices, paid invoices, show annual revenue for you and even send your clients a receipt once they’ve paid! You can even push invoices into your Quickbooks Online account for easy bookkeeping. 

Scouting Locations

Our unique scouting feature allows you to easily find, track and store your favorite shooting locations. Keep images and notes about your favorite locations in one place!

Plus in a few clicks you can share your locations directly with your clients, send a location – with directions – directly to your clients, without ever leaving Iris


Upload your images right in your Client’s Profile with our Gallery feature add-on. Include a password with expiration date and even allow for digital downloads so your clients can have instant access to their images.

Iris is also integrated with ShootProof, so you can easily sync your client's session information.