Everything you need.
Nothing you don’t.

Get organized with automated emails, contracts,
invoices, questionnaires and more.

Book Clients Faster

Skip the back and forth and allow your clients to book their session with you online.


Streamline New Leads

Automatically follow-up with new leads and get them on your calendar quickly.


Get Paid Faster.

Send automated invoices and use our trusted payment integrations to accept payments immediately.


Stay On Top Of Deadlines

Automate your emails and leverage customized to-do lists to help stay organized and wow your clients.


Be Professional

Fully customize your workflows to match your brand and impress your clients.


And more.

Use our custom location tools, goals and metrics, gallery integration and more.


Bobbi Sheridan

“The customer service is amazing. Amazing. Everyone on the team takes tremendous pride in their product and is always open to feedback to create a program that is truly beneficial for photographers.”

Online Booking.

Our booking feature allows your clients to pick an open time on your calendar for seamless scheduling and kicks off a workflow that can include a contract and invoice. Two unique booking options will let you share your schedule with everyone or customize time slots for specific clients. You’ll be booking clients and getting paid in no time at all.

Seamless Lead Pages

Use the integrated lead page set-up to automatically add all of your new leads into your Iris account from wherever they come. Once they’re in your Iris account, you can send automated, custom-reply emails based on what the lead is interested in and kick off full workflows that will keep them in the loop through your entire process.

Streamlined Workflow.

Our workflows will do all of the heavy for you and impress your clients from the very start. Not only are they intuitive and simple to set up, but you can use your workflows to send and receive your contracts and invoices and create the perfect communication plan for each type of client that you service.

Business Integration.

From payments to gallery software to accounting, Iris can help you connect all of the dots. It’s easy to automate your invoices and accept payments using our integrations with Square, PayPal and Stripe. Our relationship with ShootProof lets you create a gallery when you add a new event and link to it in your email templates. And our partnership with QuickBooks will keep your business accounting running smoothly.

Your Branding

Your business has its own personality and we want to honor that. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your brand shines through with all of your client interactions—from branded emails, invoices, contracts, to questionnaire and more.