Branding Your Business 101

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Whether you’re just getting started with your photography business or have been in the game for a few years, now is the perfect time see if your brand is communicating what you want to potential clients. It’s not just your logo. A brand is every interaction and impression that a client has with your business…

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3 Tips for Better Mini Sessions

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by Sarah Petty Many photographers have tried a mini-session event. They’re a low-risk way for clients to try you out and you get exposure to new clients who you can turn into long-term portrait buyers in the future. But when mini’s go wrong, this quick money-making promotion turns into a time sucking bust. Here are…

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Start asking for referrals today. Here’s how.

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Every photography business thrives on referrals. And we know that yours is no different. Who is going to be the best source of referrals for you? Happy clients who feel the love. The biggest obstacle we hear about asking for referrals is that it’s uncomfortable. We get it. But it’s totally worth overcoming that obstacle.…

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Working From Home Like a Pro

Working from your home office – a blessing and curse at the same time. The flexibility can be wonderful, but can also make it easy to get distracted. So how do you make the most of it? Here are some tips to help you stay focused while working from home! Have your own space. Whether…

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3 Reasons to Use an Accounting System

We tend to do it to ourselves. We wait until the last minute, and tax time gives us a swift kick to the gut every time. But why? As a photographer and business owner, a simple spreadsheet may seem just that – simple. But in reality, we waste more time than we’d like to admit…

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The High-Impact Ways You Can Outsource

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When we first get started in business, usually we manage everything ourselves. There aren’t enough extra funds yet to hire someone and we can’t fathom anyone would be able to do our tasks better job than us. However as our businesses continue to grow, our time quickly becomes more limited and precious as the amount…

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Why You Should Be Using a Welcome Packet

Welcome packet, how many of you out there are using them? It might seem like a daunting text to put together, but the benefits of creating them for your clients is too much to ignore. Whether you host them digitally or print them, they can be an amazing marketing tool for your business! Here are our…

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7 Things You Should Review in Your Business Each Year

Business Yearly Checklist

Give yourself a high five – you survived the holidays! Now that you’ve had a couple weeks to breathe and relax, this is the perfect time to do a business check to make sure all of your ducks are in a row. These are simple things that can get overlooked throughout the year, but can…

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