New Feature! Email Marketing

After an incredible 7 years of empowering photographers and creative professionals with our client management tools, we have an announcment! We couldn’t be more excited to announce a game-changing addition to the Iris Works suite of features – Email Marketing! We’ve listened to our loyal Iris power-users throughout the years, and today, we’re thrilled to fulfill a long-awaited request.

Over the years, many of you have asked, “Why can’t I email multiple clients at once?” And our response has always been that Iris Works is not an email marketing system. But we believe in constant evolution and improvement. Therefore, we are delighted to unveil our latest innovation: Iris Works’ fully integrated email marketing system!

Everything in one platform!

With Iris’s Email Marketing, you can now handle all your email communication needs seamlessly within the same platform. No more juggling multiple systems or switching between platforms. Iris Works has got you covered!

But that’s not all – we understand the importance of delivering targeted and personalized messages to your clients. That’s why we’ve taken it a step further and introduced advanced filtering options. You can now easily segment your clients based on session type and date of their session. This opens up a world of possibilities for reaching out to specific groups of clients with tailored promotions, announcements, or updates.

Imagine effortlessly sending out exclusive offers to clients who have booked specific types of sessions. Or even notifying them of upcoming events based on their session dates. The possibilities are endless, and with Iris Works’ Email Marketing system, executing these campaigns has never been easier.

Iris Email Designer

Simple, yet robust

Our email designer is simple yet robust – allowing you to create beatifully designed emails that sell and convert leads into paying clients. Additionally, our designers have created beautiful templates for you to use if you aren’t up for designing your own!

We can’t wait to continue adding to this new feature, and we’ve got big plans for it! We can’t wait to hear how this changes your business, leave a comment below or share with us in our user group!

Already an Iris subscriber and ready to upgrade? Head to your account now and level up your marketing plan now!




  1. Ashley

    You guys continue to amaze me every day. I was sold from the start, but when you added booking, I was thrilled. Now email marketing? FANTASTIC! I like having one hub for everything I do! Thank you!

    • Meredith Gradle

      Thanks for the feedback, Ashley! So glad you’re loving our latest additions!

  2. Jennifer

    I don’t understand why there isn’t an option to send a marketing email to a group. That’s what groups were created for – for marketing campaigns but I can’t sent a marketing email to any of my marketing groups. When will that feature be available?

    • Meredith Gradle

      Hi Jennifer! Great question – and we recently added this option!

  3. Sally

    How can I add my client contact list? I have so many from pre=Iris that I will need to include


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