Styling guides. How they can help your overall look and aesthetic.

Do you have a style guide and client closet? What your client wears can make or break the photos. By styling your clients and their wardrobes you can elevate the overall experience. You don’t have to be an expert or super into fashion to create a client closet. Having a style guide or client closet (or both) can help your overall look and aesthetic of your brand.

styling guides
Client Closet

A client closet is a collection of clothing, jewlery, and accesories that you have collected for your clients to borrow for their photoshoot. This doesn’t have to be created all at once. As you find items you love collect them over time. Offering a closet for you clients gives them one less thing to worry about for their session. This will help them to feel more confident going into their session. Using a client questionnaire is a great way to find out the clients wardrobe taste to help you assist in what to show them from your closet. With Iris works you can easily send questionnaires to your clients. Try it for free today!

Styling Guides

Styling guides are a great add on to your client prep information. They are a great way to share ideas that help your clients choose what to wear for their session. Your client may not always know what will photograph well or how to dress for their skin tone and body type that will look best in photos. With a style guide you can help to make sure they pick the best options for their session. A great way to share your style guide with the client is to creat an email template with the guide attached and have it auto send to your clients in their workflow. Iris works can help automate this an much more!

styling guides

There are a lot of resources out there, one of our favorites is Style & Select, a service that lets you or your clients coordinate, select and buy the outfits for their photo session. 

Style & Select offers yearly, monthly and 15-day plans. Once you have your access code, it is easy to drop it into your workflow in Iris by including it in your prep email that goes out several weeks before your session. You’ll never have to worry about mismatched or poorly coordinated clients again!

Are you ready to help your overall look and aesthetic of your brand?  Sign up for a free 14 day trial of Iris.



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