First Impressions – Things You Should be Doing with Your Leads Page

Using a leads page form is a great way to start off with a good first impression with your clients. What is a lead page? Lead pages are how you can collect initial information from inquiries – sort of like a contact form. This can be placed on your website to collect inquiries and keep track of them more easily. Use of the lead page form can help you set a professional tone with your potential clients and hopefully aid in your efforts of converting them to a paying client. 

Iris Works offers a customizable lead page form that you can integrate with your own website seamlessly. Keep reading to learn more about how our Lead Page works and about some key things you should be implementing with your leads.

lead page iris works

Make your lead form your own with options to customize the layout, headline, submit button color, and more. You can easily add some simple personalizations to your Iris lead page. Check out our tutorial on settting it up here! Adding these personal touches will help you create a sense of your brand right from the start with your potential clients.

Integrate With your Website

We provide an individual link and custom HTML code so that you can add your lead form to your own website. This allows you to easily collect leads, and they automatically get added into Iris for you as a lead so you can start the conversation with them. No more manually entering their information into Iris!


Without an automated process to generate leads on your website, you are missing out on connecting with life long clients. Iris can help you jump start the conversation with your leads by using automated lead responses. These can be assign to each particular session type, so you can respond with session specific information when they fill out the form. Once they submit the form, your client will be emailed automatically. Did you know that most clients who are searching for a service will often hire the first person that responded to them? These automated lead responses help increase your chances of converting the lead to a paying client.

Email Marketing

Don’t forget to target your leads in other ways! As you are collecting leads, there is an option on your form that allows clients to opt-in for your marketing email list. Iris now offers an email marketing tool right within the software – eliminating the needs for a third party email marketing service. Targeting your leads through email marketing is another great way to work on converting them.

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