Calling your clients… how personal communication can be important.

There are so many ways to communicate with clients these days! With email, social media, and texting sometimes we forget that phone calls can be the best way to communicate. A lot can get lost in translation with text communication. You can’t always read emotion and intonation. Sarcasm is also very difficult to portray in text. Calling your clients or potential clients on the phone can express many situations or scenarios that are difficult to translate in written word form. Read on to learn where calling clients can benefit your business and how to make it happen.

Upset Clients

Have you ever had a client upset with you? Phoning your clients is often the best form of communication, especially when there is confusion or a difficult scenario to discuss. It may not be natural for you. Or maybe it is inconvenient for you but it has proven to be more successful when a one-on-one conversation can be had. If a client is upset about something, the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and call them. Many times a miscommunication is the cause of upset and calling can instantly solve the problem.

Building Trust

Creating trust between you and your clients is so important. When your communication skills are well-rounded, you establish trust with your clients. This is key in recurring work, referrals, and over all success in this field. Think about how much more information you can get from a client if you are hearing their emotions when they talk. By listening to them and feeling their feelings you are building trust with that client that will be remembered by them. If a client feels an emotional connection they are more likely to return year after year.

Take Notes

To ensure nothing is forgotten that has been communicated to you by your clients, take notes! Don’t rely on your memory. We all have too many clients and too many to-do’s to remember all the details we want to. Iris Works can help with this! Each client profile has a section for notes. You can add in all of the details you want to remember. This way as your clients return year after year you have all the little details stored to make their sessions memorable.

Listen and Repeat

Try truly listening to your clients and then repeat what they have said. Create a connection with them. They will appreciate your active listening skills. In the end, everyone just wants to be heard. Have an emotional connection to make them want to book with you and return again and again. Isn’t having repeat clients the goal? Why not do whatever you can to connect with clients so that they want to continue working with you? Pick up the phone.

If finding time to connect with clients via phone call seems difficult, try using Iris Works to help with that. You can create an online booking calendar with times you are available for phone calls and have your clients choose what works best for them. No more back and forth trying to schedule! Just share your calendar and let them take it from there.

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