Release Notes: March 16, 2020

Welcome to our second round of Release Notes! This is a new series of blog posts we’re writing in order to give a little more insight into what the software development team accomplishes. On a biweekly basis, we’ll share what new features, enhancements, and fixes have been completed over the previous two weeks. We hope you enjoy and find these posts informative!

Coming Soon 👀

Spotlight: an easy way to see and search all of your client contracts, emails, questionnaires, and invoices in one location.

Enhancements ✨

Keyboard Accessibility with Icons

Some icons are now reachable with keyboard navigation, namely the ones you can use to edit or remove the tax and discount on an Invoice. We’ll continue to work towards making other icons keyboard accessible in coming sprints.

Fixes 🛠️

Sent Invoices show in Client Activity

When you send an Invoice to your Client, it’ll show up in the “Recent Client Activity” section of the Dashboard page.

Other Fixes

  • Invoices are editable until paid. You can once again change everything about an Invoice until it has received full payment.
  • Installments properly round when they’re percentages. A couple of installments had dollar amounts with more than two decimals places for cents and could not be paid.
  • Changes to Workflows created from templates no longer affect the original. When the time frame of a Workflow item was changed and the Workflow was created from a template, the original was also changed.
  • Tax amount defaults to Studio settings. The amount was defaulting to 7% regardless of your Studio settings.
  • Tax is automatically added to Invoices when enabled in Studio settings. Tax needed to be manually added by clicking the “Add Tax” button under the Line Items table, even if tax was enabled in Studio settings.
  • Installments take manually recorded payments into account. If a manually recorded payment such as a cash or check payment has been recorded on an Invoice, that amount will be subtracted from the amount due on an upcoming installment.
  • Invoice templates can be previewed again. When attempting to preview an Invoice template through the “Invoice Templates” settings page, there was previously a “500 Internal Server Error”.



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