Release Notes: August 26, 2020

New Features ūüí°

  • Payment Schedules: You can now create one invoice with multiple payments and due dates. Read more about the release notes¬†in this post. We also have a page full of FAQ.
  • The Marketplace: We’ve partnered with some of the industry’s best photographers to offer Iris Subscribers their exact workflows! Check it out over here to see what’s currently available.
Iris Works shows t
Iris Works shows t

Customizable Introductions & Sections for Questionnaires

Users can now include an introduction for client questionnaires, as well as include various introductions throughout the questionnaire.

Saved Locations in Email Templates

Users can now easily access the shareable links to their saved locations when creating and sending emails in Iris. 


Enhancements ✨ 

  • Quick Access to Booking URLs:¬†Users will now see an icon next to their booking calendars to quickly copy the customer facing URL.
  • One hour timeslots:¬†When creating a booking calendar, users can now change the increment value to 60 minutes.
  • Require Phone Number on Lead Page: Leads will now be required to input a phone number before submitting a user’s lead form.¬†
  • Hyperlinks in Client Notes: Users can now include hyperlinks in the Notes section of a client’s profile.
  • To-Do items clickable to Client Profile: If a to-do item is associated with a client, the user can click the client name to navigate to the profile.¬†
  • Logo moved to top of contracts: The user’s logo is now located at the top of the customer facing contract.

Those are our current release notes. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date!




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