11 Questions for Your Boudoir Client Questionnaire

As we prepare to head into the cold winter months, promoting your boudoir work can really get things heated up. Whether they’re for a saucy holiday gift or a Valentine’s Day promotion, boudoir shoots have never been more popular. It’s a great way to grow your business with former and future brides, expectant mom who are celebrating their changing bodies or any lovely lady wanting to show off the curves that they’ve worked so hard for. Let Iris make it easier for you to nail every single boudoir session with a customized client questionnaire.

Client questionnaires are one of the most important ways to learn about your clients and it’s extra important when preparing for a boudoir session. You want your client to be as comfortable as possible when they arrive to your shoot and understanding their objectives is one of the best ways to customize their time with you.

Here are 11 questions to add to your boudoir questionnaire today:

What is the purpose of your session? A gift for yourself? A celebration of your body? A special something for your partner? 

What is your vision for hair and make-up? We want to make sure that our glam team knows exactly what you’d like. If you’re not sure, we can help!

What is your favorite music? I’d love to have some of your favorites on the playlist that we use.

How revealing would you like your portraits to be? Conservative, implied nudity, tastefully exposed, etc.

What are your favorite features? What would your partner say their favorite features are?

Is there anything that you would like me to minimize, conceal or otherwise de-emphasize?

What should I keep in mind when photographing you?

Will you be bringing and props or special items to your shoot? If so, what?

Will you be coming along or bringing someone with you?

Would you like me to have champagne for you to drink? Any other special requests?

Do you need your images by a certain date? Holiday, anniversary, etc.

Asking these questions will help build the excitement for your clients, but also help to create a level of trust prior to the shoot. Not only will you over-deliver to each and every client, but you’ll be loving all of the referrals when they send your friends to come see you for their boudoir session!

What are some questions you include in your boudoir client questionnaires?

Did you know that Iris has a robust YouTube channel full of helpful videos, including how to quickly build a customized questionnaire. Check it out HEREReady to get started on your FREE 14-day trial? We’ll help you get set up in no time at all.



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