New Feature: Connect Client Invoices to Session Dates

Client invoices just easier with another new release based on YOUR feedback and input! 

We are excited to release our latest feature – the ability to schedule client invoice due dates relative to session dates! 

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What does this mean?

You can now set up your client invoices and invoice templates with two approaches – schedule your due date based on when the invoice is issued, or relative to the client’s session date. This means you can set your invoices to be due upon receiving the invoice, on the date of the session, or before/after the session. We know – FINALLY, right??

This new feature is currently in beta testing – and available in your account today. Because we’re still in beta testing, you may find something that needs fixing or changing – that is to be expected. If you come across something, please reach out to our team so we can address it! 

Check out the tutorial below to see how it works!


What if I don’t use invoice templates?

If you don’t utilize invoice templates, you can still use this new feature when you create invoices for your clients! Check out the tutorial below on how to do this!

Iris Customer Support Team

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