Tips for surviving as a photographer during the COVID-19 pandemic

These are frustrating and uncertain times for everyone right now. The COVID-19 outbreak seems to be having a huge impact on several things around the world, including businesses. We want you to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and feel secure with your business. Find out how photographers plan to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photographers across several online photography community groups are talking about the impact of this outbreak to their businesses this week. From weddings being cancelled, travel restrictions, hospital restrictions that prohibit birth and fresh 48 sessions, to clients cancelling as a precaution.

You are not alone feeling this impact, frustration, and uncertainty. While things may be slow over the next several weeks, you can still be doing some things for the benefit your business or maybe just your sanity. We have complied a short list of things you can do now to help you move forward and hopefully help you when the waters calm again.

Online Presence

With all of the social distancing, closures, and quarantines happening everyone will likely be on social media a lot more. Here’s a chance to increase your virtual presence and maybe boost the SEO on your website.

  • Post daily and plan out your social media posts for the next month or two. Don’t be afraid to re-share favorites or dig into some of those older galleries to share some work you haven’t before.
  • Blog – this is a great time to focus on your blogging skills. Find some blog ideas here: The Big List of Blog Topics
  • Update your website
  • Create or work on your email marketing list

The Mundane Tasks

There will likely be some slow weeks ahead of us and lots of time at home. Make use of this time to get caught up on those mundane business tasks.

  • Update pricing guides
  • Catch up on editing
  • Clean your equipment
  • Organize your studio or office space
  • Go through your memory cards to test functionality, save images, and format them.
  • Organize your computer files and work on ensuring everything is backed up properly.
  • Work on updating or creating new email templates, workflows, and questionnaires.

Educate Yourself

Having some down time is always great for learning new things or focusing on perfecting your craft.

  • Check out some online courses
  • Learn a new technique or skill from YouTube

Get Creative

Lots of photographers out there are getting creative with ways to keep momentum up and finding sources of income during these times.

  • Have another skill set that could benefit others? Offer some website designing, outsource editing for other photographers, logo design, content writing, etc.
  • Offer gift cards for clients to use later in the year
  • Reopen expired galleries for print sales

Non-business Related

Use this an opportunity to slow down and take time for yourself and your family. We all know once the busy season hits us we will barely have time to rest, spend quality time with our family, or focus on our mental health. Work on forming some new healthy habits for yourself and having some uninterrupted and unplugged family time.

We would love to hear your plan for keeping your business running to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Share in the comments below.



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