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I don’t know about you but when I decided to open my photography business I did not anticipate the amount of emails and administrative work that went on behind the scenes.  I was there to take photos and be creative, not answer email after email. But what if I told you that there is a place that offers workflows and templates for photographers?  With the Iris Marketplace, you can purchase curated workflows and templates for photographers from some of the industry’s best photographers.

What is a workflow exactly?

One of the most common question we get is, what is a workflow and what do I do with it?  A workflow is a series of tasks, steps and emails that you create and follow to keep yourself and business organized and efficient.  Having a well executed workflow will help give your clients an amazing photography experience with your company.  Workflows can include email templates, brochures, proposals, etc that you would send to your client from booking to post delivery.  Workflows allow you to stay on track and make sure you don’t miss a thing.  

Email Templates

You may be asking, do I need email templates?  The answer is YES! Do you find yourself writing the same email over and over again?  Email templates will help free up your time to tackle more of the creative side of your business.  Creating the email one time saves time and energy.  Don’t know what to put in an email template?  Use the workflows and templates for photographers in Iris Works Marketplace.  You can also personalize the templates to make them reflect your personailty and style. 

Marketplace templates for photographers

Ready to start your business with curated workflows from some of the best in their fields?

Want to learn how to workflows save you time and energy?  Check out our blog about creating and managing your workflows.

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