Meet the Iris Works Ambassadors!

We have some pretty amazing and talented photographers that use Iris Works for their photography management software. Some of the best in the business have picked us to help run their businesses – and we have partnered with them to create our ambassador program!

Our ambassadors not only help introduce others to our photography client management software, but also help us with content on the blog by writing guest blogs, some have provided us with top to bottom photography workflows that our users can purchase via our Marketplace, and take over our Instagram account to give you an insider look to their day as pro photographer! Many of them offer workshops and mentorships (in person and online) to help you up your game in your speciality or business. You will definitely want to check our what they have to offer if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Keep reading to learn more about our ambassadors!


Alyssa is a family photography based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She has three boys! She is a great listener and storyteller!
Her editing course is always available and she’ll have a mentorship releasing in March 2022!

I decided to partner with Iris because it was create by photographers for photographers so I knew that I would get what I needed as a family photographer.”

Learn more about Alyssa’s mentorships!


Laura is from Kansas. She loves EVERYTHING boho, earthy, and floral. She offers both online and in person mentorships!

“My favorite aspect of Iris is being able to have an automatic workflow setup once clients book, makes it possible for me to book clients while I’m enjoying time with my family, on vacation or even out shooting! I know once they select a date on my booking calendar, my workflow is triggered, and they will get all of the info they need: welcome email, contract, questionnaire and styling info; plus a booking retainer invoice–all without me lifting a finger! That’s smart business ;)”

Learn more about Laura’s mentorships!


Rachel is a newborn and family photographer in Indiana.  She also created The Collective which is a member-based educational program for photographers.

“When I joined Iris, I was looking for a client system that would automate the way I run my business. Each week I would spend countless hours writing the same emails to clients, and trying to track where they were in the booking process. After testing out a few different companies, Iris was the perfect fit for my booking workflow. It has everything from email automation, client tracking, contracts, and invoices all in one client profile which frees up so much of my time to focus on the more creative side of my business.”

Learn more about Rachel’s education program and workshops!

rachel vanoven
samantha weaver


Samantha is a family and couples photographer – soaking up all the gorgeous golden hour sunsets in Oahu, Hawaii! She is a mama of boys and loves dogs.

My favorite aspect of Iris is that everything is so user friendly. I have tried every CMS on the market and hands down Iris is the easiest to navigate through. I decided to partner with Iris because I truly believe it has simplified my business. I invested in so many different systems only to be let down. Then I found Iris and BOOM life changed”

Check out Samantha’s work here!


Kayla is a family photographer based in Springfield, Missouri. As a mom of two, she is incredibly organized! Kayla offers ‘shoot-out’ workshops and mentorships.

I came to Iris from another CRM company and have felt so spoiled with amazing customer service from Iris, and I love how you’re always listening to feedback and implementing those things to help create and even better CRM for us and what we need.

Learn more about Kayla’s mentorships!


Erin is our newest Ambassador. Her studio is in Vancouver, Washington. She loves photographing newborns, births, and families. Erin teaches worldwide and offers workshops and presets/actions for photographers.

I came to Iris from another CRM company and have felt so spoiled with amazing customer service from Iris, and I love how you’re always listening to feedback and implementing those things to help create and even better CRM for us and what we need.

Learn more about Erin’s workshops and presets/actions!


Amber specializes in maternity and family centered newborn shoots. Amber offers either online or in-person mentorships, January-August, for both photography and video!

“The Iris feature I could not live without is the ability to make email templates (and automate them if you choose), as well as the workflows. These are the major time savers and keep me on track to make sure details are not missed! Another favorite aspect of Iris is the booking platform. I could not live without that, either.

Learn more about Amber’s mentorships!


Sean specializes in high school senior photography based in Vancouver,WA. Along with being published in numerous magazines, he’s been named one of the Top 100 Senior Photographers in the nation.

“As my business grew, I knew I needed a team and studio management system that I could trust and Iris was the clear answer. Knowing that I can continue focusing on the important aspects of my business like being there for my clients while Iris takes care of the not so fun stuff like booking and emails makes my life so much more simple. Now I am able to continue doing what I love without all of the stress”

Learn more about Sean’s mentorships and photographer resources!


MacKenzie grew up on a farm and is now raising seven children in the Arizona dessert.

“I decided to partner with Iris because implementing the system into my business has been a weight off my shoulders! I was struggling to keep up with the back-end stuff, and Iris’ service provides SO many resources, from workflow, to booking calendar, contracts and invoices! It’s been a lifesaver to have all those services in one place!

Learn more about Mackenzie’s mentorships!


Ana is a widely recognized newborn photographer based in California. Her work has inspired many. She has a YouTube and Instagram Channel geared toward training for photographers. During Covid, Ana launched an online free internet series called the Belly Baby Summit.

“I just like being able to grab my clients information on the go in an organized format! I decided to partner with Iris because I love using simple programs that work.

Learn more about Anna’s education courses!


Katie resides in Houston, Texas and specializes in couples, family and birth. She is hosting a Family Retreat in Austin this upcoming August and another in California this November.

“I enjoy the option of creating Workflows that help speed up your own booking process. This keeps emails in line for my clients and education attendees. Having a process that works for yourself is key to progressing and growing within your business. Iris gives examples too that start your process and get your business professionally in line.”

Learn more about Katie’s mentorships!


Sarah resides in Colorado with EIGHT children and her sidekick husband. He actually runs her business as well so you’ll often see them together. She is well-known for capturing families.

“I’m a mom of a large family and support us solely financially (my husband is a stay at home dad) and before he became my full time assistant, I had to do all my emails and booking by hand. It was incredibly stressful to keep everything straight and I had a habit of overbooking and double booking myself. I couldn’t bring myself to hire an outside assistant though because I didn’t want my business to lose its personal feel, and I loved that Iris gave me that ability. It also frees up a lot of time to be with my family

Learn more about Sarah’s mentorships!


Brooke is an educator, podcaster, photographer and most importantly, mama based in Oklahoma! She has an upcoming free virtual workshop happening February 7th-9th to help photographers book consistent clients.

“I decided to partner with Iris because I wanted to bring the platform to more photographers and educate them on how they can build a profitable business using a software that was designed with them in mind.”

Learn more about Brooke’s workshops!


Denise is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Arizona. She developed a Content Membership program where you can create all of your branded social media content during a shoot.

“I decided to partner with Iris to make my client experience smooth and to help manage my workload”

Learn more about Denise!


Kelsi resides in Kansas where she specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography. Before becoming a photographer full-time, she was a neonatal ICU nurse. She’s always loved the babies!

“Iris DOES IT ALL. Everything has been flawlessly designed for ease of use for photographers. From the leads page, to booking links and emails, contracts, styling and prep guides, invoices, FAQs, communication with clients – it’s all at my fingertips RIGHT IN ONE place. It’s saved me countless hours of communication with clients that left me checking email multiple times a day to finalize bookings, scheduling conflicts, constantly answering the same questions over and over again. I love IRIS.”

Connect with Kelsi to learn more about her mentorships


Ashley is a newborn and family photographer in Wisconsin with a goal of the sessions being fun and snuggly. She has several upcoming workshops and also offers 1:1 mentoring for both newborn and family photographers.

“I decided to partner with Iris because it is a system I believe and can stand by! I saw how much it has helped me and no photographer should go without it.”

Connect with Ashley to learn about her workshops!


Specializes in playful and steamy photo sessions for couples in Southern Alabama. Her Spring 2022 branding and website design spots drop on Feb 3rd!

“After looking into other CRMs, Iris was so much easier to set up and work with. It is the perfect system for photographers to get their business more organized. I love that you can add the lead form right onto the contact form of a website!”

Learn more about Whitney’s mentorships!


Naomi is one of the youngest in a family of TEN. She also comes from a long line of photographers. She has many 2022 workshops planned for photographers to up-their-game in: Florida, Alaska, Montana, and North Carolina.

“I love the little details as a photographer. I can save my favorite locations and send them in my confirmation email. Oh…and the reminders on my dashboard are great! It is the little things that feel so much more professional.”

Learn more about Naomi’s workshops!


Bobbi is a wedding and portrait photographer now based in Kentucky.

“Iris seriously changed my life and I’m not exaggerating. I’m forever in debt to Meredith (the CEO) for making the runnings of my business so simple, stress-free, and streamlined. With Iris-Works I’m able to spend more time doing what I do well (photographing people). This is outsourcing at it’s finest; the less time I have to spend running my business, the more opportunities I have to do what makes me money: photographing people!”

Learn more about Bobbi’s workshop!



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