Scheduling a 1:1 with Iris support is essential

Photography Client Management Software

Did you recently start using a photography client management software or did you make the switch to a new photography client management software?  Do you want to love your new CRM but you are feeling overwhelmed? Iris Works makes transitioning to a new photography client management software or starting fresh a breeze with our 1:1 support calls.

Here at Iris, we are real people that are here to help you throughout the whole process.  If you need a little extra hand-holding, we got you! We will walk you through Iris and answer any questions you may have.  Need more than one call?  No problem! Our support staff has availability five days a week to answer all your burning questions.

Not ready for a 1:1 and want to figure things out on your own?  Iris Works also offers many tutorials on youtube to get the most out of our CRM.

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We think 1:1 calls with Iris support are essential and helpful but don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some testominals from Iris users, like yourself, that are loving Iris so far.

“Iris works will help me manage scheduling and develop workflows to help me stay organized. It help my second year in business go so much smoother”

-Shannon Laughter

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“It was SO easy to just create booking links and send out an email for everyone to book their spot. Then I had my workflow set up for confirmation/reminders/precautions, etc. I never realized until switching to Iris how much time I was spending on doing everything.”

-Sarah N.

Need more reasons to start using a photography CRM?  Check out our blog on the benefits of a using a photography CRM.

How do I schedule a 1:1 call?

Want to schedule your 1:1 with our support team? We have made it easy to speak with one of support staff. We have availability 5 days a week !  If you are an early riser or like to sleep in we have the perfect option for you!


Ready to get a jump on the new year and streamline your business?

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