7 Benefits of Using a Photography Business Management App

Let’s chat about photography business management app benefits!

How do you manage your photography business? Are you the kind of person who uses the old school method – pen and paper, writing down appointments on a paper calendar that you’ll likely lose track of? Are you spending hours at your computer to send out emails to your clients about their upcoming sessions? Or are you the kind of person who uses a photography management app to help you run your business efficiently?

I’ll admit – prior to using Iris Works as my photography business management app I was that person who was trying to send out emails to everyone individually, forgetting when to send out emails, forgetting to send invoices and having trouble keeping track of the back end of my business. I spent way too much time doing all these mundane business tasks and it was dragging me down and making running my business way harder than it should be. If you’re like me and have a family, or just a life outside of your photography business – you know how important it is to have time to relax or spend with your loved ones. Being glued to a computer is the last thing you want. That’s where Iris comes in. I promise it will be a total game changer for your business!

7 Photography Business Management App Benefits

1. Streamline Your Booking Process

Before having a photography business management app with online booking, I did it the old way with posting on social media with a list of times, emailing or messaging back and forth with clients who were interested, updating the post several times as clients booked. With online booking, I am able to easily set up a calendar with my available dates and times, attach a contract and invoice, and share that link on social media or my website for clients to use for booking. It streamlines the process for my business and clients love how easy it is to book their sessions!


2. Manage Your Leads and Clients More Efficiently

Ever get a lead and then forget to email them back or have to search for their contact info in your sea of emails? Using a photography management app to store your lead information is key for keeping up with inquiries. With Iris, you can manually add any leads you’ve received or save time by using our lead page on your website to capture leads. The lead page automatically creates the lead in your account. You can even set up automatic lead responses so your inquiries get an email response with a booking link, pricing guide, or other pertinent information about how to book you. Responding timely to your leads can increase your chances of landing them as a client.

Iris mobile app

3. Save More Time Through Automation

As photographers, we already spend enough time at our computers editing. Save some time and streamline your communication with clients through use of automated workflowsOutsourcing your admin tasks allows you to focus on your clients and capturing their precious moments. The idea of less, however, can be complicated if you’re not familiar with what a photography CRM doesOur workflows will do all of the heavy for you and impress your clients from the very start. With automated sequences that initiate the moment your leads do, not only are they intuitive and simple to set up, but use your workflows to send and receive contracts and invoicesOur workflows are preprogrammed or can be fully customized to your business needs.


4. Increased Sales

Increase your business income through invoicing with a photography business management app. Instead of paper invoices, you can create and send your invoices online which means it is easier for you to collect payments and you get paid faster! We integrate with Square, Paypal, and Stripe for payment processing which makes it easy for clients to pay their invoices.


5. Improve the Client Experience

The client experience is just as important as the beautiful images you provide them with after their session. From the moment they inquire, to booking and beyond – it is important to nurture the relationship with your clients. We conducted research and many people report that they prefer to book online because it is an easier process. Making that process easier for them helps set the tone for a great experience. Using automated emails to provide your clients with reminders and helpful information leading up to and after their session will also improve the client experience. Prepping your client and getting them excited for their session will help them look forward to getting photos taken and enjoy the process. You’re more likely to get glowing reviews and returning clients if the overall experience was great.

6. Build Stronger Brand Awareness

With a photography management app, you can increase brand awareness. With Iris, you can add your logo to your studio so it shows up on emails, contracts, questionnaire, and booking calendars. You can create email templates which allow you to speak to your clients in a way that matches your brand, add a banner image, and attachments like a session prep guide or style guides.


7. Access vital information 24/7, anywhere!

Ditch the pen and paper! Switching to a business management app means you can go mobile and access vital information for business at any time from anywhere. Need to look up a client’s phone number? Maybe you need to see your upcoming sessions for the next day. Going mobile with your business management makes it much easier to stay organized. You can take Iris on the go easily with our mobile app and we are mobile responsive!

Get organized and save time with Iris and our mobile app!

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