Iris Works for Me: Kayla Powers

I am Kayla, owner and photographer and sole worker here at Little Lashes Photography. I am born and raised in Southern California, where the weather doesn’t always know what to do, but it always turns out beautiful. I’m a single mama to a little boy who is my whole world. He is 5.5 and will be taller than me sooner than I would like. We have a Golden Retriever named Lucy, who lets me dress her up like a baby and take photos of her any time I want. She was my baby fever fix 😉 Aside from Photography, I love to sew my own baby items and I love make up!

I first started photography in your average mall studio. I worked that for a few years before I realized I wanted and needed more out of my career. But one thing was for sure, I loved photography. I don’t have more than a handful of childhood photos so this line of work really touches my heart and keeps me passionate. It was about 2 years into my business and I was all over the place. Wedding, families, kids, events- I shot it all. But I knew there had to be more. Then one day I was just wasting all my time scrolling Facebook and it was there. Right in front of my face. The coveted “froggy pose” newborn shot. I had never seen anything like it, but I knew that was it. That is what I needed to be doing. It started with my cousins 10 lb 6 day new baby boy, and 4.5 years later I am approaching 750 newborns to end 2016. That is JUST the newborns, not counting maternity and milestone sessions. So you can likely imagine how crazy I may have felt handling the photography and the clients and the business aspect of things all on my own!

I went through a few methods of organization before finding Iris. Most of it was good ole’ paper and pen. I tried a few other studio manager sites such as 17 hats and they all just didn’t have all the features I felt I needed, or didn’t integrate with my website and email the way I needed them to. When I found Iris it was an immediate ah-ha moment. Everything. All in one place. I could manage clients, each client had a proper file with contracts, contact info, appointments scheduled, invoices sent AND It worked seamlessly with my Google Calendar so not only could I see my events in Iris in detail, I could see them on my phone at a glance. The organization saved my sanity. I was able to better provide a quality experience for my clients and in turn, my confidence in taking on more clients boosted and Iris’s ability to allow you to capture phone numbers allowed me to reach my potential clients more easily and in turn, I booked more. My income with Iris over the last 6 months as easily tripled and quadrupled even on some months. I don’t know how I managed without Iris.

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