Hands-Free Learning: 5 Podcasts Every Photographer Should Be Listening To

Mark Cuban reads a lot of books. The billionaire angel investor and entrepreneur is known to read as many as 500 pages a day.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of time on their hands. But there is a lot that can be learned from Cuban’s reading discipline. There is an obvious correlation between high levels of success and lifelong learning.

So, how does one fit learning into a busy 40+ hour work week? Podcasts.

The beautiful aspect of podcasts is that they are completely hands-free, and you can enjoy them while doing other activities. Take a moment and break down your day. Think about how much of your time is spent driving, working out and doing chores around the house. One hour? Two hours? Three hours?

This is all time that you could spend listening to podcasts.

5 Podcasts Every Photographer Should Be Listening To

The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is Hosted by Ibarionex Perello, a former technical engineer for Nikon. He meets with world renowned photographers, discussing their craft.

Tips From The Top Floor

The Tips From The Top Floor is an award winning podcast ran by photographer, Chris Marquardt. This podcast is about all things photography. Is currently the longest-running photography podcast, with 756 episodes to date.

On Taking Pictures

On Taking Pictures is a podcast hosted by an impressive duo, Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman. Saddoris previously worked for Universal pictures. Wadman was a portrait photographer featured in Time Magazine and The New Yorker. They give personal, detailed advice for both newcomers and experts in photography.

Freelance Radio

The Freelance Radio podcast is not specifically for photographers. But it is still extremely valuable for anyone working in a creative field. This podcast will teach you everything you need to know about being a freelancer.

The Side Hustle Show  

Developing your entrepreneurial skills is an instrumental part of running a successful photography business. The Side Hustle Show does not delve too deeply into photography. Though, it is will sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. After all, photographers are entrepreneurs.

Take a second to tune into one of these podcasts next time you are driving, working out or doing some laundry. You will be pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and insightful a good podcast can be.


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  1. Maarten Caubergh

    Thanks for the tips! I started listening to podcasts last week and listen every moment in my car.


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