7 Tips for Using the Magic of Hashtags on Instagram

If hashtags are something you shy away from on Instagram, you could be missing out on a chance to have your work seen by a whole new audience. Without them, the only people who will see your feed are your current followers and possibly new people if you end up on the explore page.

Using hashtags gives users a way to search you out based on their interests, giving you a chance to connect with people truly engaged in what you’re doing. You could get your work featured or even gain new clients! I’ve heard of brides hiring vendors based on searching for their city+wedding in the hashtags. Their are so many possibilities, and it’s a waste of the platform for your business if you aren’t using them.

So what should you be aware of as you get started? Here are a few tips from us:

  1. Limits – You can only use a maximum of 30 hashtags per photo, so choose them wisely!
  2. Do some research – Search for the hashtag you would like to use so you can see how many posts are already under it. If it’s a popular tag (as in the millions), the likelihood of your image getting buried with everyone else is pretty high. Look for tags that are more unique, catered to what you are posting, or where you would like it featured.
  3. Get noticed – Look into your favorite accounts that feature photographer’s work and use their hashtags on images you think would work well with their aesthetic. Or take note of what hashtags other popular photography pages are using on their images that you could use as well.
  4. Personalize – If you’re a wedding photographer, take advantage of the couple’s hashtag to get your images out in front of their guests.
  5. Don’t clutter your caption – If you don’t like the look of hashtags after your caption, you can either put them in a comment underneath or add a few period+returns to make it lower and not immediately visible in the caption.
  6. Save time – Keep your frequently used hashtags in a note on your phone. This way you can simply copy and paste, saving you lots of time.
  7. Make it yours – Don’t forget to come up with your own! By having a hashtag that #yournamewedding #yournamephotography, potential clients can click that and browse through your work.

What are your tips for using hashtags on Instagram?

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