How to leverage your Instagram bio to get more ideal clients for your business.

In the ever-changing world of Instagram, it’s important to STAND OUT. The very first thing people are going to check out is your Instagram bio and you want it to grab their attention and draw them into the story that you’re telling. It seems simple, but knocking this out of the park will go along way with potential followers. Here are a few things to think about while you set up the blurb about you and what you do.

What’s your story?

This is the best place to connect on a personal level. Tell the people your name and what you’re about. Your photos will speak for themselves, so this is a great place to give them an introduction about YOU. Let them in and show them who you are. Save the industry speak and be transparent.

Show yourself.

What’s your flagship image for your business? Whether it’s your face, your products or your logo, you want something that will draw people in. Keep it simple and don’t change it very often. Consistency is key here. Familiarity will keep you connected.

Let them find you.

Where are you? Are you city-specific, regional or wherever the wind takes you? Regardless of where, let your followers know where you can (mostly) be found. There’s nothing worse then falling in love with a photographer and then not being able to find them (note: hashtags can be your best friend with geography, too).

Don’t forget your URL.

It has to be there or you’re missing out on a way for them to connect to you on a more transactional level. Just getting started? Link them to your Facebook. Whatever works. But this is a critical part to your bio. If you use Iris Works + Booking, you could try your booking link here, as well… it’s a good way to close the deal right within Instagram!

These are just a few simple ways to get your followers to fall more in love with you… which, really, is the end goal. When it’s time to hire you, you want it to be a no-brainer. If they already know who you are and what they can expect, you’ll close the deal in no time.

Photographers!!! What’s your secret sauce in your Instagram bio? We’d love to hear what works for you and your business.



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