Feature Friday : Simone Dosdall, Newborn & Family Photographer

ivy lane portraits feature friday
Tell us a little about yourself!

Well hello.

Let’s be honest, this is the most awkward thing to do…write about yourself. But let’s give it a try…

I am a feelings kinda gal. I love people who are kind humans. I want to live a life that encourages others to be the good and do the good. I always have my heart on my sleeve, love big, and laugh hard. I snuggle with my babies and listen to the same song over and over if it speaks to my heart. You can find me dancing in the middle of the store while sipping my favorite tea. At the end of the night, nothing is better than kissing my babies goodnight and escaping to the top of the kitchen cabinet with my favorite artist serenading me. I’m a wife – mother – photographer – friend – and I want to meet you and your family and get to know all the fun, quirky and amazing things about you.

I focus on the moments, not the poses. The moments that matter – good, bad, magical, imperfect. All of them. I want the raw moments that make you amazingly wonderful. During your session, we will laugh, snuggle and above all else – be.real. My wish is to make your experience so enjoyable that it is effortless. No moment or detail is too small to capture.

Ivy Lane Portraits is located in Beaumont, Texas. Our natural light, downtown studio serves the Nederland, Beaumont, and Southeast Texas area.

What do you specialize in? What made you want to focus on that specialty/specialties?

Newborns, children and family photography. Gah! I love the connections in a family, especially the Mom-Child connection (sorry Dads – you guys are amazing too, but I love me some Momma and baby).

How did you first get started in photography?
Like most moms, I started out just wanted to take good pictures of my babies! That turned into a passion that helped provide some extra cash now and then – to being a full time second job – to providing for my family when I became a single mother – and now helping my family thrive as a full time store front photographer.
How has using Iris impacted your business?
I’ve been using Iris so long I had to look it up! Proud and strong since 2016! I would legit not function without it. I am the solo person behind everything that is my company and being as high volume as I am, IRIS keeps me sane. It’s the only way I can do life now. I can’t imagine going back to not having a studio manager that keeps all my contracts, scheduling, and finances all together. My favorite feature are the the workflows! With the click of a button someone is scheduled, contract sent, emails sent, invoice sent – I mean how does it get better than that?
What are your future goals for your business? What are you looking forward to?
Biggest goal of mine is to continue to grow and add more partners to our company. Personally, my big, BIG goal is to see my company thrive to a point that my husband has the freedom to live his dream in a job he LOVES.


If you could go back to when you first started in photography, what advice would you give yourself?
Find your voice – and scream with it. There are so, so many photographers and artist and the market can feel oversaturated – but it isn’t. Because there is only ONE you. You are the part that makes your photography special. You are the reason your clients book you. You are the only one who sees the world out of your eyes. Find your voice, find your style, and rock that.

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