Top 5 Reasons Photographers Should Blog

Have you abandoned your blogging efforts? Haven’t started yet? Not blogging or giving up on your blog is a BIG mistake for photographers.

After doing some research, the Iris team has been quite surprised to find how few photographers are now blogging. Your marketing strategy should not simply include posting on social media, gaining more followers, and replying to your likes and comments.

Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should be blogging!

1. Increase your website traffic

This is a big reason! Photographers who blog are more likely to have better SEO ratings. Writing blogs with use of specific SEO strategies will help your website pop up more in searches, which leads to more traffic to your website. And that equates to more leads! It’s basically a free form of marketing your business!

2. Convert leads into clients

When someone visits your website, they might have questions before reaching out to you or want to see more of your work. Blogging is a great way to showcase your work and also help answer questions your leads might have before booking. This can help them gain more interest in booking a session with you.

3. Build trust as an expert

Creating rich content is applicable to your clients. Think about the questions your clients are asking you – what should I wear, what is the best location, how do I prepare for our session, etc… You can answer these questions with detailed blog posts. You are the expert and your clients want your professional input! 

Not sure what to blog or running out of ideas? You can check out our Big List of Blog Topics!

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4. Increase brand awareness

Are you a studio photographer or outdoor/natural light photographer? Moody edits or light and airy? All of these questions are about your business’s personal brand. Blogs are a great opportunity to give clients a better idea of what your brand is.

5. Build your email list

You should have multiple opt-in points throughout your website for your mailing list. Adding an opt-in point to your blogs is one way to build your email list. Chances are if someone is taking the time to read your blog, they are likely wanting to hear from you more and will sign up for your email list. Use your blog to gain interest from leads and then incorporate your lead magnets into the blog! Leads and clients will be more likely to respond to a call to action from an email vs post on social media that targets the masses.

Not sure where to start with your blogs and SEO? Download our free, four page guide all about how to improve your SEO rankings. After implementing the strategies in our guide, you’ll begin to notice an improvement in your organic search and rankings.

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