You asked, we listened… and it’s finally here! Today is the day that we introduce you to Iris Works connected with Booking!

We’ve created a booking feature that works on your terms.

A photographer’s life is crazy—and your schedule never quite looks the same week after week. When we set out to create the new booking feature for Iris, we focused on one thing: making your life easier. You simply choose the times that work for you and Iris takes care of the rest. It allows you to add another seamless piece to your workflow that will help your business thrive and evolve. Sign up for your free trial today!

Iris Works + Booking is simple: for you and your clients.

We focused on adding value, without adding any anxiety. To get started, you share some scheduling options with your client that make sense for you. And once they select one that works for them, Iris will automatically kick off your existing workflow for that session type—including your existing automated emails and reminder steps. It’s that easy.

Elevate your business with Iris Works + Booking.

Iris’s new booking calendar feature is designed for photographers with three main goals: to help you book more clients, eliminate chaos and grow your business. We know that you needed a system that works for you—on your terms.

Bonus: With our new booking feature you can require your clients to sign a contract and pay an invoice to book. This takes so much headache out of back and forth conversations. No more chasing people down for money. Just send them the link and it is all taken care of for you.

The feature that you’ve asked for is here, so why not get started with Iris Works and Booking today? You can upgrade your existing monthly subscription for only $10 a month, or take advantage of extra savings by selecting our annual subscription plan at a 15% discount.




  1. Amy Hutchison

    Are their options to narrow down availability times? For example I am running a mini session date at would like apts every 20 minutes. Also can you accept a deposit at the time of booking ?

    • pamelahs

      did you get a response to this? we also need something with shorter time intervals.

      • Meredith

        Hi there! We are looking at adding in shorter time slots for selection! We have some updates already in the works with Booking, and we will continue to make improvements!


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