Advertising Mini Sessions: A Go-To Guide For Photographers

The leaves are changing colors and all things pumpkin spice line every shelf in the grocery store. For us photographers, an innate sixth sense kicks in: you know that it’s time for more than just leggings and flannels – it’s time for fall mini sessions!

This time of year is a great cause for celebration, and mini sessions are a superb way to boost revenue and start building relationships with clients, but marketing mini sessions can be stressful.

How should you share information about session openings? What should your pricing structure be? Which locations should you suggest to bring some fall flare to the background of your mini sessions?

We asked up-and-coming photographer Denise from Denise Marie Photos to share her strategies for advertising mini sessions and tips for booking up your calendar this fall.

Below, we share her hottest five strategies for advertising mini sessions as the weather gets cooler and the world around us transforms.

Denise's travel photography in Paris
What kind of mini sessions do you do?

Family, couple, best friend, boudoir, and content mini sessions.


How do you promote your mini sessions?

Promotion for mini photo sessions should always include vital social networks. I use Instagram and Facebook, but many have found success on Pinterest and LinkedIn. It all depends who your market clientele are, and where they reside.

Denise Marie family photography shot
How do you use social media to promote mini sessions?

1) Use stories and posts! 

2) Get on video and talk about them, it’s all about being personal.

3) Show photos from previous minis. People want to see your shooting/editing style

4) Use graphics! (Try Canva for easy customizable templates)I talk about them, show photos 

5) Reviews! Let your happy customers do the talking for you.

How did you market your most successful mini sessions?

Instagram! 🙂 


What have you learned about mini session marketing as you’ve gone on?

Definitely allow adequate time to advertise. Give people time to see it a couple times. Don’t just post it once on your stories or feed and expect to be fully booked. 


What advice do you have for advertising mini sessions for the first time?

Post post post.

The average human sees something seven times before acting on it (I believe… I read that somewhere)

Don’t just haphazardly throw shoot examples up on your stories or posts. Map out your plan of attack so you have a strategy.

What are you going to post on your stories every day?

What about your feed?

Instagram offers you a number of avenues you can take advantage of to share examples of your work, including posts, stories, and reels.

Sharing mini photo session ideas can include showcasing various types of content – previews from a different shoot, reviews from customers, video footage explaining the process, a tour of your favourite locations, and more.

Denise uses fun props to add personality to shoots
A snapshot from a personal branding session
How does your marketing strategy change whether it’s boudoir, family or couple photography?

My strategy for advertising mini sessions is to simply change the style of the photos that I share in my marketing depending on what audience I want to target.


Do you design graphics for marketing minis? If so, do you have any websites/software you recommend?

Yeah I do! I bounce back and forth between Canva, Word Swag, Unfold, Over, Picsart and scrl


Before you had a strong following on social media, how did you spread the word about your minis?

Same way! Social media and word of mouth. You think about how many slots you have in a full mini session day….8-12? You do not need thousands of followers to fully book or to be successful! Following does not always equal success or monetization. 

A milk bath maternity shot from Denise Marie
How do you get mini session customers to be repeat clients?

Give them an incredible experience and amazing photos. Under promise, over deliver. Always. 


How do you get clients to refer their friends/family to you for mini sessions?

Same as above. You have to provide an experience and product that they want to talk about and share. 

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