Most Popular Seasonal Themed Mini Sessions to Boost Revenue

Themed Mini Sessions

Having the best mini session ideas for photographers can help you achieve your goals. Mini sessions are popular because it allows new clients to check you out and see if they’d like to stick with you long-term. It’s a great way to expand your client base, book appointments during otherwise slow periods, and generate more revenue. But, like we mentioned – you need to have great photoshoot mini session ideas if you want to draw that attention.

Mini sessions are short and are typically set at a lower price compared to your full sessions and other offers. This opens the door for potential clients who may have been eying your work and wanting to schedule but maybe couldn’t afford a full session. You can get new clients in the door by offering mini sessions to help introduce yourself.

Offering mini sessions at different times throughout the year is also a great way to fill any of those gaps where you may not be fully booked. This is especially true during the slower months.

Quick Revenue

And who doesn’t like a quick influx of money? Mini sessions are an excellent way to boost your monthly revenue quickly. If your sessions are set at $200 for 15 minutes, and you book all 10 spots – that’s an easy $2,000 in your pocket. The other way to increase revenue with mini sessions is to limit the number of images included and then upsell the other photos.

If you’re going to offer seasonal mini sessions, try setting up a marketing calendar to help you plan out when you’ll offer mini sessions. Having a game plan for the year will be helpful especially if you intend to offer minis a few different times. Keep in mind you’ll want to get content and example photos ready in advance so you can advertise your unique mini session ideas.

What do I offer?

Not sure what mini sessions to offer? We’ve compiled a list of mini session theme ideas you can try out for each season. All of these ideas shouldn’t cost too much out of pocket and they’ll draw attention to you making your mini sessions desirable for those who are unfamiliar with you. These are mini sessions we see commonly offered by many photographers or people requesting information on social media when looking to book. They include outdoor mini session ideas, indoor ideas, and a variety of unique things you may not have thought of before.

Gricel  Rivera – Gricel’s Photography

Fall Mini Sessions

Fall is prime time for a lot of families wanting fresh photos. Offering mini sessions during this season will help give you a boost before you head into the slower months during the holidays and winter. Here are some ideas for fall mini sessions:

Apple Orchard Minis
Back To School Minis
Fall Minis

Winter Mini Sessions

Winter is typically a slower period for most photographers, especially if you live somewhere with harsh weather conditions. To help you keep up momentum and generate income, try offering a few mini sessions. 

Santa Minis
Christmas tree farm
Christmas themed setups
Hot cocoa
Glitter minis
Valentines day minis

Rikki Costell – Rikki Renee Photography

Julia Daniel – Julia Daniel Photography

Spring Mini Sessions

Kick start your business after the slower months have passed and get your clients outdoors again with these mini sessions. 

Greenhouse minis
Spring minis (outdoors/flowers)
Mother’s day / father’s day
Urban minis

Summer Mini Sessions

Sprinkle in some mini sessions throughout the summer to fill any gaps you might have with booking or reach your income goal for the month. Summer is a great time to try some fun themed sessions like watermelon minis or get families out in the creek for a more lifestyle approach to your sessions. 

Creek stomp
Wildflower minis
Sunflower minis
Watermelon minis

Lacey Sanchez – Lacey Nicole Photography

Online Booking with Iris

Ultimately, organization and time management are the key to a successful business. Even with the best photography mini session ideas, the most beautiful props, and wonderful clients – if you can’t strategize your mini session appointments accordingly, you’ll end up running late, missing appointments, and building a bad reputation.

Setting up online booking through Iris eliminates this problem. Once you have your photo mini session ideas together you can schedule sessions, send contracts, and upload pictures to galleries all in one place. The workflow is super easy for the less tech-savvy and having everything managed through Iris allows you to spend less time on paperwork and more time creating beautiful memories for your clients.

What are some of your most popular mini sessions that you offer?

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