Snapshot Struggles: Tackling the Challenges for Photographers

Challenges for Photographers

In the realm of photography, where moments are frozen in time and emotions are captured in the blink of an eye, it’s easy to be lost by the final masterpiece and overlook the challenges lurking behind the lens. From mastering camera settings to grappling with unpredictable lighting, photographers embark on a continuous journey of learning and adaptation. While the reward—a breathtaking photograph—is undeniably worth the hustle, the path is often strewn with obstacles. In this blog, we dive into the most common challenges photographers face and offer insights to turn these hurdles into stepping stones. Whether you’re a budding shutterbug or a seasoned professional, join us as we explore the intricacies of our craft and learn how to navigate its challenges with finesse.

Meet the Pros

To uncover the real struggles behind the beautiful outcomes, we sat down with two seasoned professionals who’ve weathered the storms and emerged, camera in hand, with wisdom to share. Their insights provide a revealing look into the hurdles of the craft and, more importantly, how to overcome them.

Melodie Yvonne

Melodie Yvonne comes from the southern Indiana town of North Vernon. Melodie’s journey behind the lens began at the tender age of five. It was in this environment that she developed a penchant for candid portraiture and music photography. Raised to the rhythm of incredible musicians, Melodie aspired to translate those melodic sensations into visual masterpieces. She wanted her photographs to be more than just pictures; she wanted viewers to “SEE the music”.


Life, as it often does, took Melodie on a detour in her late teens, drawing her into a world that threatened to overshadow her dreams. Yet, resilience shines brightest in the darkest moments. As she journeyed into her 30s, Melodie reignited her passion and began dreaming afresh.

Today, at 45, Melodie stands as the proud owner of her own photography business, Photographic Melodie. Her resume boasts an impressive array of assignments spanning the nation – from collaborating with musical venues, media outlets, and renowned bands, to being the chosen photographer for several Poker Runs. While her specialties lie in capturing the essence of nature, music, and candid events, Melodie wears many hats. She’s not just a photographer but also a gifted artist, with a personal gallery to her name. Furthermore, she has penned several print works, encompassing both enchanting photo books and evocative poetry collections.

Victoria Odekomaya

Victoria Odekomaya is an award winning photographer and brand expert. Victoria’s calling has been to empower women business leaders and entrepreneurs to make their dreams come to life and inspire them to achieve their goals by helping them create magnetic story brands. She is the owner of LiMStudios, a creative branding agency.  In 2022, she launched the BOSS LADIES CAMPAIGN with the purpose of giving women a Celebrity Photoshoot Experience and to create stroll stopping images and videos to level up their brand, help them feel confident and empowered to pursue their dreams long after the photoshoot is over. As part of the campaign, she continues to help each woman build credibility by featuring them in her BOSS LADIES magazine, on her video podcast, the ‘OWN YOUR BRAND’ show and by celebrating and honoring at the annual BOSS LADIES GALA. The BOSS LADIES GALA is the culmination of the annual campaign where she invites the boss ladies and general public to party with a purpose and help raise awareness for issues affecting women while supporting a local organization.

In 2022 through the Boss Ladies Campaign and Gala – a successful event attended by about 200 people, Victoria raised $10,000 to support Dove Recovery House for Women, a local non-profit organization empowering women to become substance-free, self-sufficient and providing hope for the future. The 2023 BOSS LADIES GALA will support PINK RIBBON CONNECTION, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to provide emotional support, local resources and education to those touched by breast cancer across Indiana

Nuggets of Wisdom

Starting a photography business is no stroll in the park, and no one knows this better than Melodie. When asked about the advice she’d give to someone just starting out, her response was poignant and heartfelt: “Never give up.”

Throughout her journey, Melodie faced the heart-wrenching reality of losing all her clients on multiple occasions. Each loss was a profound blow, causing pain and uncertainty. But with a steadfast spirit, she persevered. What she discovered was that with every setback, new and rewarding opportunities were waiting just around the corner. In her words, “When one door closes, another always opens.”


The essence of Melodie’s advice lies not just in persistence, but also in having the resilience to face setbacks and the optimism to see potential in every new beginning. For every aspiring photographer keen on making their mark, Melodie’s experience stands testament to the fact that the path to success may be riddled with challenges, but rewards await those who stay committed to their passion. The key, as she puts it, is to ensure you’re still present and ready when the next door of opportunity swings open. So, to all newcomers in the world of photography: Never. Give. Up.

Photographer Challenges

Starting out in the world of professional photography is both an exciting and daunting endeavor. Victoria highlighted some of the challenges and pitfalls new photographers commonly face. One of the primary challenges she mentioned was the misconception that to be a better photographer, one needs to possess the latest and most advanced equipment. “The lure of the latest camera or the next best lens often led me astray,” Victoria admits. “But after investing considerable time and money, I realized that it wasn’t about the equipment. You don’t need the newest gadget to BE a better photographer.”

Certainly, there are specific cameras and lenses that can help achieve particular effects or desired looks, but the essence of photography goes beyond that. Victoria emphasizes, “YOU ARE THE TALENT.” The key lies in sharpening your skills. She has found that with the right vision and technique, one can capture captivating images even with just their phone.


Victoria’s journey in photography taught her an invaluable lesson: equipment should serve as a tool to bring one’s creative visions to life, not as a crutch to define one’s talent. “Now, when I buy equipment, it’s not because I believe it will make me a better photographer. I invest in tools that can actualize my creative ideas.” Interestingly, she notes that sometimes the tools she finds most valuable aren’t even traditional photography equipment.

New photographers would do well to listen to Victoria’s advice: focus on honing your craft and let your creativity, not your equipment, be the driving force behind your success.

Marketing Challenges

While attending a photography business class at Ivy Tech, Melodie learned an invaluable lesson she’s shared with me. Establishing a client base and self-promotion isn’t just limited to advertisements or digital platforms. It fundamentally starts with the kind of projects you choose. Melodie always emphasized considering these three pivotal questions when assessing potential jobs or clients:

  1. Is it financially rewarding?
  2. Does it fit within my specialized niche?
  3. Will it introduce me to valuable industry contacts?

She believed that at least two positive responses were essential before committing to any job. For instance, while wedding assignments might be financially tempting, it’s essential to recognize if that’s genuinely the direction you wish to head in. Picking numerous wedding shoots might fill your pockets, but if it’s not your primary focus, you might be drifting from your true passion. Such gigs will definitely help network, but they’ll likely lead to more of the same opportunities. Melodie’s advice? Always weigh your options with these questions. And if real estate photography is your goal, then immersing yourself in the realtor community is key.

Crafting a Client-centric Approach

One of the foremost challenges every photographer faces when diving into the business aspect of their craft is effectively building a robust client base and marketing themselves. When speaking with Victoria, a seasoned professional in the field, her insights reflect the importance of client-centric strategies.

Victoria emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s target audience. “Before you even delve into creating a marketing plan, you must first decipher who your ideal client is,” she advises. By comprehensively understanding their preferences, whereabouts, and pain points, it becomes exponentially easier to craft a tailored marketing strategy that resonates with them.

Know your Audience

For Victoria, her target audience is quite specific: small business owners, with a special emphasis on professionals juggling side hustles. While many turn to social media for marketing, Victoria finds more value in networking and referral marketing. “I’m selective about my networking,” she shares. “I attend only those gatherings where I am certain my ideal clients frequent. It’s about quality over quantity.”

But the real gem in Victoria’s approach is her unique twist on referral marketing. She actively coaches her existing clients on the kind of referrals she’s seeking. This hands-on approach ensures that when a referral reaches out to her, they’re essentially a perfect fit, streamlining the sales process.


Victoria Odekomaya/ @LiMStudios on all social 

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Final Thoughts

Setting out on the adventure of running a photography business offers artistic expression, hurdles, and chances for growth. Getting insights from established photographers like Melody and Veronica can furnish you with unparalleled wisdom about nurturing confidence, forging client relationships, and expanding your enterprise. Tools such as Iris Works are instrumental in decluttering the administrative side of things, be it drafting contracts or setting up workflows. This lets you invest more energy into refining your art and chasing your passion. Iris Works isn’t just another tool in your arsenal; consider it a trusted ally on your journey, paving the way for your photographic aspirations to flourish.  Want to learn more from our seasoned photographers? Check out our latest blogs.

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