25 Questions to Include in Wedding Client Questionnaires

Do you have a wedding client questionnaire incorporated into your workflow? Questionnaires are one of the most important things you can do before a wedding day with your clients! Not only do they save you time,but will help you see what is most important to your clients and make sure there aren’t red flags. You will be prepared with everything you need to know to knock their socks off with your killer customer service.

Here are some of the most popular questions to include on your wedding client questionnaires that will help prepare them and yourself for their big day:

Pre-Ceremony Details

Where will each wedding party be getting ready (include addresses)?

Is the hair and makeup team coming to you or are you going to a salon (include address if salon)?

What time is the bride’s hair and makeup scheduled to start?

Are you planning on doing a first look? If so, do you know where would like that to happen?

Ceremony Details

How many people are in your wedding party and do you have any spots in mind where you would like to do wedding party and formal portraits?

What are the bride’s parents’ names and what is their marital status?

What are the groom’s parents’ names and what is their marital status?

Are there any special family circumstances that we should be aware of? (divorces, deaths, dramas, etc)

Where will your ceremony take place (include address), what is the start time and how long do you expect it to last?

Are there any specific rules to be aware of for your ceremony?

Will you be doing a receiving line after your ceremony?

Are you doing a formal exit from the ceremony? If so, what type?

Are there any additional family groupings you would like during family photo time outside of the immediate family list we capture? (Keep in mind this may add 2-3 minutes per pose to setup)

Reception Details

What type of transportation will you have between ceremony and reception (if in different location)?

Where is your reception (include address)?

Will you be having a cocktail hour?

What time do you need to be at your reception for introductions?

What is the order of events at your reception?

Are you having sit-down, buffet, or family-style dinner?

Are there any additional family or friend groupings you would like us to get at the reception?

Vendors and Miscellaneous Details

Are you working with a planner? If so, what is their name and email?

Who is your DJ or band? If so, what is their name and email?

Do you have a videographer? If so, what is their name and email?

Do you have any “must-have” photographs? (Specific poses beyond what is typically captured on a wedding day. We do not guarantee any photographs, but we will make it a priority to capture the shots listed.)

Do you have a wedding hashtag?

By creating these wedding client questionnaires, you can easily gather all of their information for their wedding day from start to finish. This will make it a lot easier to put together a timeline draft and make sure there aren’t any scheduling issues before the big day. Check out this tutorial on how to create a questionnaire template in Iris – it’s simple!

What other questions do you like to ask your wedding clients on their big day? Share them in the comments!

Struggling to come up with questions for your other client questionnaires? Check out and download our free questionnaire guides



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