Fundy Software’s AlbumWorks – A Powerful and Affordable Album Design Platform

Fundy Software

Fundy Softwareannounced a new platform, offering a low-cost online album design and design sharing service, AlbumWorks. Basically, it is based on their ground-breaking Auto Design and Drop Zone technologies, AlbumWorks is a powerful web-based album design software compatible with over 150 album companies and labs worldwide. Additionally, it is priced at just $100​/year with free flip-book sharing included, it’s one of the cheaper options out there, but with the control and ease we would expect from Fundy Software.

“In these tough times, we wanted to share our patented technologies with more photographers, making it easier for them to generate revenue without a major investment or learning curve.” – Jonathan Main, CEO Fundy Software

Low Cost

For less than $10​ a month. ​First, AlbumWorksallows photographers to literally take their images and create stunning, unique albums in seconds with its Auto Design feature. Then, using the Drop Zone technology built-in, photographers can easily adjust to fit their style; dropping in different photos with one click, swapping spread layouts automatically, scaling single images or groups by grabbing the edge and dragging while the balance of the images auto-adjust to fit the layout and page. One-click flipbook sharing with clients for approval couldn’t be easier.

Affordable, flexible pricing lets you do it all. To learn more about AlbumWorks and get started with the free trial, click here​. To save 30% off your first year of AlbumWorks, use the code AWHOTONEat checkout.


Fundy has integrated with Iris Works, allowing you to export custom order information seamlessly. Once you have reviewed your client’s order within Fundy, simply export it by clicking on “Studio Management XML.” This action generates a text file containing all the necessary order details that Iris Works can readily read and process. This streamlined integration ensures a smoother workflow and facilitates faster payment processing.

So, you need to take advantage of this powerful collaboration between Fundy and Iris Works to enhance your business operations and get paid faster. Experience the benefits firsthand and elevate your photography business to new heights.

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