Our partnership with Fundy can help you get paid faster!

We are so excited to partner with Fundy Designer, an all-in-one design and sales suite for professional photographers. One of the most popular IPS tools within Fundy has been the ability to create a custom client order. And now, Fundy has added the ability to export the information from that custom order and upload it directly to Iris Works. There’s no better way to get paid faster!

When you’re done reviewing your clients order within Fundy, you’ll export it by clicking “Studio Management XML”. (This will export a text file with your order information that Iris Works can read.)

When you’re ready to create your payable invoice in Iris Works, you’ll head to your invoice tab and click the FUNDY IMPORT button at the top of the page. (Note: if you don’t see the FUNDY IMPORT button, you’ll want to go to Invoice Setup in your studio settings and toggle the Fundy button to ON.) From there, you’ll choose the XML file name that you exported from Fundy, the client name from the dropdown and the due date for the invoice.

You’ll be able to take an in-person payment via credit card, record a check or cash payment or send an invoice via email all within Iris Works. Click here to learn more about Fundy Designer and how they can help you take your IPS to the next level!



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