Resolutions: four easy ways to rock 2019.

Ah, the old resolution game. But for real… why not use the calendar turn to make some simple tweaks to help your business be even better in 2019? A few quick adjustments may be just what you need to have your best year yet. Here are four:

(Re)connect with vendors. Who do you want to work with this year? A new year is a great time to focus on reconnecting with the vendors who have helped you gain momentum in the past. A simple Happy New Year’s card, a mini-album of images that represent their work, or a simple coffee date is a great thing to do all year long. Get yourself connected and in front of the people who you want to be associated with. And don’t stop now. It’s a great thing to do all year long.

Take some risks. Playing it safe is last year’s game. This is the year to take risks, try something new and stop being afraid to fail. What have you been wanting to try? Try it. Let the excitement motivate you and get you outside of your comfort zone. Put your goals out into the universe and get started on making them happen.

Find some grace. Spoiler alert: there will alway be someone better/cooler/faster/pricier than you. Let it go. The only person that you need to compete with in 2019 is the 2018 version of yourself. Say NO to project that don’t inspire you and say YES to projects that have you shaking in your boots. Remember when you scheduled your first shoot? Terrifying, right? Well, look at you now. You’ve got this. Stop standing in your own way.

Get organized. Enough with the madness. Figure out your weaknesses and make a list of solutions for each one. Not strong in Photoshop? Find a class to take. Are your books a mess? Hire an accountant. Need help with your workflows? Find a resource that will make you strong in your weakest areas (Iris Works *hint, hint*). Make 2019 the year that you set yourself up to succeed.

Tell us your plan. What is on your radar for 2019? Post in the comments so that we can all make each other better.

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