If you follow the work of the amazing Rachel Vanoven (@rachelvanovenphotography), you already know that she is the gold-standard when it comes to portrait photography.

Rachel first started taking photographs in the spring of 2008 with a Craigslist ad for a $50 session with a CD of images. Eleven years and tens of thousands of hours later, she’s still going strong.

Rachel says that her clients always tell her that she’s so patient, but she says she doesn’t feel like it’s patience at all. “It’s more about determination… and high energy, definitely high energy. Most family sessions are my cardio for the day,” she says. Her goal is to leverage her love of people and capture them being the happiest versions of themselves.

Over the years, Rachel has evolved from being a photographer to being one of the most sought-after educators in the industry. She is regularly mentoring photographers one-on one, teaching in-person workshops and producing her own video workshop series. Rachel has always been committed to making the photography community stronger.

The Rachel Vanoven Collective

first became an idea several years ago when she first started doing online workshops. Photographers loved it, but Rachel found that she was constantly wanting to update or change a technique and they were quickly becoming outdated. That’s when the subscription concept was born. A platform that gives members access to monthly videos, live broadcasts, featured guests, online workshops, behind-the-scenes content and VIP access.

We launched in September and four months in already have nearly one thousand subscribers! The reviews make my heart so happy and all the hard work getting here is worth it to see the growth happening in our private group,” says Rachel.

Rachel and her team use Iris Works to streamline all of the business segments in one hub where they can easily see what needs to be done.

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