Using Questionnaires for Photography Business Growth

You can use questionnaires for photography to facilicate business growth! Photographers use client questionnaires before sessions to gather a variety of details prior to a session. If you haven’t thought about this, then now is the time to excel in a digitally driven world. It’s time to think like a world-renown photographer by day and a marketer by night – using automation, online forms, and mobile-friendly strategies.

Questionnaires for photography are only a first step toward understanding the full needs of your leads. From collecting a client’s contact information to learning their preferences for the session, questionnaires let you gather helpful info about your clients to help you plan for a successful session. Sending client questionnaires before your sessions is important for the planning process and client experience.

Following up With a Better Strategy

But what happens after the session? Clients who’ve already said yes to your services tend to give the best feedback. The clients you work with and who’ve seen your talents have enough confidence in you. Now all you have to do is utilize their trust. What they give to you as feedback has the potential to generate referrals and a better business reputation overall. Enter photography review templates that you can use after your sessions to gather feedback that will help your business grow. The trick is to prepare your questions and be strategic about what you ask so clients provide direct, constructive feedback.  

Simplifying it All Through Workflows

You might have a vision of directly asking your clients questions, one by one, but that isn’t necessary. Iris has developed a system that automates your steps. In addition to requesting reviews on Google or your business website, you can also sent a client feedback questionnaire easily through Iris and incorporate this into your workflow. 

Our workflows are used to piece together the right automation for your business. With Iris, leads who’ve purchased sessions, for example, will automatically receive marketing material from you. Through workflows, you decide if they receive your questionnaires or a welcome message. We’ve compiled a quick list of some questions you could include in your  questionnaires that you send to your clients. 

Questions to Include in Your Client Feedback Questionnaire

  1. Would you recommend me/us to your friends?
  2. What specific part of the experience did you like best?
  3. Why did you choose me/us as your photographer(s)?
  4. How did you hear about me/us?
  5. Did the image quality meet your expectations?
  6. Were you satisfied with the level of communication provided throughout the process?
  7. How would you describe your overall experience?
  8. How satisfied were you with the booking process?
  9. How satisfied were you with the image delivery time?
  10. Is there anything else you would like to share?
  11. What could I/we improve on?

Gaining Valuable Feedback, One Questionnaire at a Time

Above, you have a selection of ideas to pick, edit, or discard. These questions are a great way to get feedback on how you are doing AND to help your business continue to grow. 

Try to use a combination of open-ended questions and scaling questions in your feedback questionnaire. You want to be direct, but open ended questions allow your clients to answer in a way that offers more insight into their overall experience. 

Making Things Easier With a Photography Review Template

Getting feedback can be scary sometimes, but it is necessary if you want to make improvements in your work and how you operate your photography business. 

Learn what your clients love and what they didn’t like, and take that info to make future client experiences even better. Incorporate the questionnaire in your workflow so that is automatically sent out after your session has been completed!

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