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Today’s feature friday is a little bit different than the past! We love all of our users, and we are always excited when they send the love back. Shanon shared an awesome testimonial with us, and as a newer user we wanted her to share how Iris has helped shape her business and share a little bit about herself! Without further ado… Here’s Shanon!

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Hi! My name is Shanon, I’ve been married for 8 years and I’m a homeschool mom of two boys who are 7 and 10. We also have two giant dogs! I’m originally from Ohio but my step father was in the Navy and we moved all over. Right now, my family lives in Southern Indiana which is home for my husband. He was born and raised here. I’ve been into photography as a slight hobby since I was 13. In my spare time I volunteer at the local nature center teaching kids ages 6 and up how to photograph nature’s beauty. I also teach kids ages 5-11 at our homeschool cooperative. I have a passion for teaching photography to kids and helping them realize potential within themselves as artists and maybe future professionals.

Right now I shoot primarily families and my wedding portfolio is growing! I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented photographers this past year to learn all about shooting weddings. I told myself when I started my photography business that I would NEVER shoot weddings…I felt like it was too much responsibility! But now I am in love with them. It is the photojournalism aspect of weddings that calls my heart. I try to incorporate that in my family work as well. Right now my family sessions are called “Story Sessions” because they start out photojournalistic and then end with some casually posed portraits.

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Before getting started with Iris Works, my business was a mess… so was my head space and I wasn’t making ANY money. At all. I started my trial with Iris at the same time as my fall schedule was being crafted. Once I made my schedule public, people showed interest. What I would do before is try to communicate with them all separately and on my own… trying to keep all the details squared away. In the process, I would communicate poorly and loose clients. My confidence was always on the line and I feel like potential clients could tell!! Within 24 hours of implanting Iris into my business I was halfway booked with retainers being paid and contracts being signed! It was AMAZING!! My husband will tell you, I was shocked! Iris works is organized and I can brand it… which made me *feel* like a professional… which boosted my confidence in communicating with potential clients. My fall season booked up within a week or two back in August and I will see more profit this fall season than ALL the months of 2015’s fall and 2016’s spring and summer combined. My business is a year old this fall an I am looking forward to 2017 because I know that it’s only uphill from here!!

The outcome of using Iris in my business has been increased bookings, organization, money management, and the ability to maintain my schedule! I have had the confidence to say no to clients who don’t value me because I can SEE all the clients who do right in my Iris dashboard lol!! This software has made such an impact on me as a professional and my business. I feel so confident now.

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My goals for my business have definitely changed since using Iris. I feel like I can really be successful as an entrepreneur and my photography is much more than just a side job or hobby now. It’s amazing to me the attitude shift I had within myself once I started seeing success in my business. Iris-Works streamlined that for me. I am so grateful!! I am looking forward to reaching my full potential as a professional photographer at a much quicker rate now!

Be sure to check out more of Shanon’s work!
Website:  https://www.shanonmirandaphotography.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shanonmirandaphoto

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