Wedding Workflow

Wedding Workflow

Within Iris, you have the ability to build workflows for any of your different session types. What’s so great about workflows? They will not only send automated emails out for you, but will also keep track of all of your To Do tasks that need to be done for each client. This way you’ll never forget if you’ve sent a reminder email or completed a task. You’ll be organized from start to finish!

Here are the steps that we recommend for your wedding workflow once you add them to your calendar:

  1. Send Contract for e-signature
  2. Collect Deposit
  3. *Send Thank you for booking email with attached Welcome Guide pdf
  4. Add Engagement Session to the calendar (this will kick off a separate workflow for your client)
  5. *Send Wedding Questionnaire 5 weeks before the big day to gather all the details for their day
  6. Schedule a pre-wedding consultation 3 weeks before their date to discuss their answers and any questions they have
  7. Send invoice for final payment with a Reminder email that balance is due 3 weeks before
  8. Send Final Preparation email to go over last minute tips for the bride the week before
  9. Prep gear
  10. Print Timeline and add locations to Google Maps
  12. Download & Back up photos
  13. *Send a Thank You a Great Day – Wedding Email
  14. Share 1-4 images on Social Media
  15. Cull Images
  16. Edit Images
  17. Upload Gallery
  18. Send Email client with Gallery details
  19. Blog
  20. Package USB and send with handwritten Thank You letter

As you can see, in the Iris dashboard you’ll be reminded of when emails have been sent and have a quick list of upcoming To-Do tasks as well.

Iris Dashboard

What are some steps that you feel like every wedding workflow needs? Let us know in the comments below!

Are you ready to dive into Iris Works and see how workflows can help save you time and stay organized? Sign up for your FREE 30 day trial today!




  1. Savita

    Hi! Was just curious as to why I’ve seen in your workflow posts it says “post to social media” directly after a session? I’m just starting my business now in a small town and didn’t know if that was an inappropriate thing to do as my clients wouldn’t have received their photos yet and most likely we would know the same people in some way ?.

    • Megan

      Hi Savita! A lot of photographers like to post a sneak peek on social media shortly after as a teaser for their clients while they wait on the rest of their photos to be completed. So you’ll want to educate your clients by telling them ahead of time that you’ll be sharing a couple photos while the rest are being processed and when they can expect their final gallery. It’s a great marketing tool because you can tag them and they’ll most likely share it while they are still excited from their session with you! Does that make sense? 🙂


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