Why Retainers are important.

Have you ever had a client cancel their session last minute or even worse, not show up at all?  Did you have something in place to prevent the no show/ cancellations?  Having a non refundable retainer keeps your client from cancelling or not showing.  In this blog, learn why retainers are important. 

There are so many reasons to collect a non- refundable retainer.  Let’s go through a list of reasons why retainers are important.

Create a professional relationship

Using a retainer starts your client relationship off on the best terms.  Not only should you collect a retainer at the time of booking but you should also consider having a contract in place as well. Want to learn more about contracts?  Check out this blog.

Help eliminate cancellations

Collecting a retainer makes your client more invested.  Without a retainer, the client has nothing to lose if they cancel or do not show to your session.   “Both parties having money on the line helps to put skin in the game.” – TheLawTog

Attract your ideal client

With a retainer, you will attract our ideal client.  A client who appreciates your work and time will have no problem putting money down.  This will eliminate potential clients who do not appreciate your time and effort.  “Retainers act to prevent flaky or irresponsible clients from abusing your resources (time, money, and energy!)” – TheLawTog

 Not sure how much your retainer should be?  Retainers should be enough where a client would not want to cancel their session.  If your retainer is $25 dollars, your client maybe more likely to cancel their session then if your deposit was $200. 

Did you know that with Iris you can make collecting a retainer easier than ever?  Using our booking feature, you can easily attach an invoice directly to your calendar before a client can book.  

Ready to start collecting retainers on your sessions?  Sign up today for your free 14 day trial with Iris Works.



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