How to upsell when you don’t even like to sell.

Let’s face it not everyone is a natural salesman but everyone can sell if they go about it correctly. With the holidays coming up there are many ways to upsell in your photography business. Being prepared ahead of time will help your sale go smoothly. What products should you offer? Read on below on how and what to upsell even if you don’t like selling.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a great way to upsell your in your photography business. Choose a few designs and create some mockups to share with clients. These are especially good alongside fall or holiday mini sessions. Cards will be on the clients mind this time of year. Many will appreciate not having to create them for themselves.


Ornaments are another great fall and winter session add on. These are great for clients to give as gifts or order for themselves to hang on their tree. There are many beautiful, quality ornaments out there to choose from. Have a few samples on hand to show your clients at their session or reveal. Seeing the products in person help sell them.

Photo Gifts

Prints, albums, and wall art make wonderful holiday gifts. Encouraging clients to purchase these for family around the holidays is a great way to upsell your photos. Having samples to show the look and quality of professionally printed products is very helpful when trying to sell them. 

Iris Works can help you upsell all these things. Use our Email Marketing to send out a campaign letting your clients know of product options or session add-on availabilities. Bonus: include a link to book in the email so they can sign up for one of your sessions right away. We also offer invoicing to allow you to charge clients for the products. Create an invoice template and easily add on as many products as each client chooses. If you are intersted in more information on adding product sales to your photography business check out this past blog to get started.



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