Why A Photography CRM is Vital

If you haven’t heard the term CRM before – then you might be asking yourself “What is a photography CRM?” and “why would I need one?”. CRM is an acroynm that stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRMs are a technology tool that aim to help you manage and maintain your relationship and interactions with your clients throughout various stages of the client lifecycle. From leads, to client, and repeat clients – having a good system in place to help you manage each stage is essential for your business success and growth.

Here are some key reasons why having a photography CRM is vital:

Keep Leads and Clients Organized

Keeping track of new leads and your client list is not easy when you’re sticking to just pen and paper or a spread sheeet. Using a CRM allows you to collect leads, organize them and your client list in on place. Your CRM is a hub for keeping track of your clients and history you have had with them – like past sessions, invoices, and documents.

Book More Clients

Almost everything is online these days. Our research shows that clients prefer to book online. It makes it easier for them to see your availability and get scheduled with you when they are ready. We offer online booking to make it simple for you to set up your availability for all of your sessions and add calendars to your website or email campaigns to get book more clients. No more back and forth between clients about dates and potentially losing that booking due to missed emails or slow response time.

Get Paid Faster

Using a CRM allows you to easily create and send invoices to your client which they can pay online. Sending online invoices brings an end to creating paper invoices, meeting with your clients to collect payment or waiting for a check in the mail. You can connect with Square and have the money in your bank account in 1-2 business days.

Being able to add online booking to my website has really added ease for my clients and me. It is great how one button can get so many balls rolling.  Iris can instantly book the client, send welcome emails, send the invoice and contract. Iris Works is the amazing little assistant I have always wanted.

~ Loren Ashley

Streamline Your Business

There are a lot of moving parts to running your own photography business. Most new photographers don’t anticipate the amount of emails and administrative work that goes on behind the scenes.  It can get overwhelming fast if you don’t have a good system in place and then you find yourself falling behind on tasks. That’s where a photography CRM comes in to save you time. You can automate your process with workflows and have templates ready to use for emails, contracts,  invoices, and questionnaires.


Enhance Your Client’s Experience

While taking amazing photos is important for your business – providing your clients with a great experience from start to finish also plays a key role in your success. Creating an amazing experience for your clients will have them coming back and sending all their friends and family to you. Using a CRM can help you enhance your client experience thanks to an easy booking process for your client, connecting with your clients through questionnaires, and providing your clients with excellent communiction every step of the way with automated emails. 

Let us know how using a CRM has changed your business! 

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