Why award winning photographer Jesse Salter Loves Iris Works

For renowned photographer Jesse Salter, Iris Works has become an indispensable companion on her remarkable journey behind the lens. From streamlining client management to optimizing workflow efficiency, this all-in-one studio management software has left an indelible impression on Jesse’s professional life.

In this blog post, we delve into the reasons why Jesse Salter, an award-winning photographer with an exceptional artistic vision, has fallen head over heels for Iris Works. By exploring her experiences and insights, we uncover how this powerful platform has revolutionized Jesse’s photography business and elevated her work to new heights.

Why did you choose Iris Works and how has it made your business better?

Meredith took care of me from the start. She gained my trust from our first conversation and I never looked back. One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Iris has given me the peace of mind we all desire and deserve when running a successful business.

What was the one biggest pain point in your business before using Iris Works and how did we solve that for you?

Emails. I was doing everything manually through email from responding to inquiries and sending contracts to discussing session specifics. My response time was lacking to the point I was upsetting clients and losing leads. It’s embarrassing to admit but true.

How would you describe Iris Works’ customer service?

Exceptional and efficient.

If you could choose one word other than “photographer” to describe yourself what would it be? Maybe it’s “mom”, “friend”, “traveler”. Now, in a few sentences, can you explain how a studio management system help you find the balance to be more of whatever your word is?

Mother. Iris Works has given me back valuable time. I’m now able to focus on whats most important to me..time with my family. Iris Works is the secret to time management as a photography business owner. I wish I would have realized it sooner!

If you have any other love for Iris Works, we’d love to hear it:

It’s simple to use, easy to view desktop or I-phone and exceeds all expectations for a management program. I could not be happier and I want everyone to know!

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