Three big client questions and how to stay ahead of them.

Dealing with an angry or frustrated client questions causes significant anxiety for a business owner. It adds an extra layer of stress on top of the million other daily tasks that no one has time for. However, you can address these situations effectively by engaging in client education and setting clear expectations from the very beginning.

Here are three major client questions and how you can proactively address them:

The question: How much will this cost me?

You understand that talking about money makes you uncomfortable. It’s an anxiety that doesn’t easily go away. To overcome this, it’s critical to outline your price from the very beginning. Don’t assume that potential clients have thoroughly reviewed pricing options. If clients ever ask, “What does the session fee include?” or “How many photos will I get?”, consider it a prime opportunity to educate them.

The solution:

Take the initiative to send your pricing information at the beginning of the booking process. Additionally, incorporate a questionnaire in your workflow to understand the products that potential clients may be interested in. This will help you establish a solid understanding of pricing from the outset and allow you to discuss their options and increase sales.

The question: What should I wear?

Matching. White. Shirts. Oh, please…no. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a session only to find your clients in matching outfits. As the expert, you know what photographs well and what kind of outfits will make them look their best. Provide guidance on what might work best at their session site and offer tips on colors and patterns. By educating them upfront, you can easily avoid situations where clients show up in outfits that are challenging to photograph.

The solution:

Create a “what to wear” document specific to each type of session and share it with your clients. This not only positions you as an expert but also helps establish trust. Provide a list of best practices to boost your clients’ confidence and readiness. Attaching this document to a confirmation email, which is automatically sent after clients confirm their session, will set them up for success and earn their gratitude.

The question: Where are my photos?

This is the last client question any photographer wants to receive. Clients often lack understanding of the processing and editing involved, leading to confusion about the timeline for receiving their photos. Avoid this client frustration by taking several opportunities to communicate the entire process.

The solution:

Take the time to discuss with your clients what they will receive and when they can expect it. During the booking conversation, outline your process and deliverables to set clear expectations. At the end of the session, remind them of the timeline for completing their images and reiterate what they can expect next. Additionally, set up an automated thank you email to serve as a reminder of the next steps, including image delivery.

Bonus solution: Craft an engaging email to inform your clients when their gallery is ready. Provide instructions on downloading images, ordering prints, scheduling appointments, or any other relevant next steps in your process. This is also an opportune time to offer guidance on best practices for sharing online, including tips to avoid applying filters and ensuring proper photographer credit.

By implementing these strategies to address client questions, you will be well-prepared for a successful client experience.

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