Announcement: a brand new look for Iris Works CRM

Iris Works – CRM has a new look. Our name is the same, our software is still the easiest to use in the market, but like your business… we are evolving.

Built for Creatives by Creatives

We were built for creatives by creatives and we’ve been listening closely to what the industry has been telling us. We knew it was time to make some changes—we aren’t just the photographer created studio-management system anymore. Today, we are a thriving technology company designed to help all creatives organize their business and grow. And why not celebrate our evolution with a new logo that reminds us that change can be powerful?

“When I launched Iris back in 2015, I never anticipated that the company would become what it is today,” said CEO and Founder, Meredith Gradle. “But staying stagnant is not something you can do in this industry; you have to evolve. This new look represents Iris today and a vision of where we plan to go in the future.” 

Iris Works – CRM has always had a strong focus on being a customer-driven product. We pride ourselves on asking and listening to what our users need and want—a commitment that we are taking to a whole new level. Along with our new look, you’ll see a heightened focus on the user experience and the value we provide through the system.

What’s new?

You’ll see some changes, but they are all for the better. Our new, fresh color palette will represented in our application, in our advertising and in our social media presence. Users will now see a full-width application and a much cleaner look with fresh colors and our logo.But fear not… everything you love about Iris will look better and work better for you!

If you and your business are ready to grow with us, START YOUR FREE 14-DAY TRIAL NOW. We’re excited to show you around. If you’ve been using another system, but you’re ready to switch, you can take advantage of our free migration services once you’re all signed up. And no matter where you are in the process, we’d love for you to join our updated Facebook community to stay in the know about what is going on with Iris.



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