Newborn photographer Rachel Vanoven


Rachel Vanoven

Indianapolis Newborn and Family Photographer

“Iris cut down so much of the busy work and grew my business in the first few months of using the service. I cannot wait to see where it takes us in the years to come.”

Rachel's newborn photography
What was the one biggest pain point in your business before using Iris and how did we solve that for you?

“The biggest pain point was writing the same emails over and over and spending 30+ minutes for each client asking questions. I would often lose track of what stage each client was in through the booking process; but now with Iris, all I have to do is set the workflow and everything automates. I don’t have to worry about them forgetting their session or following up on the documents because everything is all in one place.” 

Newborn photography from Rachel Vanoven
If you could choose one word other than “photographer” to describe yourself what would it be?

“Entrepreneur. Iris has freed up my teams’ time on the photography side of my business to be able to focus more on on big projects for the shop and our photography educational program: The Collective!  More time and more efficiency means more growth!”

Rachel Vanoven newborn shot

Rachel Vanoven is a highly sought after family and newborn photographer, based in Indianapolis. 

In 2007, Rachel was a stay at home mom who had a knack for using her Konica Minolta camera to take photos of her two young children. That hobby slowly bloomed into a small photography business and she took her first client via Craigslist in the spring of 2008. Ten years later, her passion to help other photographers turn hobbies into businesses and businesses into successful careers has been the driving force in creating the industry’s top source of online education. 

Rachel doing administrative tasks for her photography business