A quick Q&A with Rachel Vanoven

What was the one biggest pain point in your business before using Iris?

The biggest pain point was writing the same emails over and over and spending 30+ minutes for each client asking questions. I would often loose track of what stage each client was in through the booking process but now with Iris, all i have to do is set the workflow and boom everything automates. I don’t have to worry about them forgetting their session or following up on the documents because everything is all in one place.

How would you describe Iris’ customer service?

AMMMMAAAAZZZZING! Iris is so fast with any problems that we have ever encountered, which has usually been *user error*. LOL. 

What is one word that you would use to describe yourself. In a few sentences, can you explain how a studio management system help you find the balance to be more of whatever your word is?

Entrepreneur. Iris has freed up my teams’ time on the photography side of my business to be able to focus more on on big projects for the shop and our photography educational program: The Collective!  More time and more efficiency means more growth!



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