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3 Tips for Better Mini Sessions

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by Sarah Petty Many photographers have tried a mini-session event. They’re a low-risk way for clients to try you out and you get exposure to new clients who you can turn into long-term portrait buyers in the future. But when mini’s go wrong, this quick money-making promotion turns into a time sucking bust. Here are…

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3 Things to Know When Looking for Photographer’s Insurance

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As photographers and business owners, insurance is a MUST. Between our equipment, liability, renter’s insurance for your studio… there’s a lot of checkmarks you want to make sure you get covered! Don’t worry, there’s no need to get overwhelmed. Our friends at Next Insurance have just the tips you need when looking for photographer’s insurance.…

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Confidently Charge What You're Worth

Are you ready to charge what you’re worth? Do you ever wonder how the average pricing for your industry was set? Pricing your professional services is a sensitive topic. Your fees reflect your relationship with money. Core values frequently conflict with a desire for more money. This causes entrepreneurs to undercharge. Their thoughts go something…

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5 Social Media Tips That Will Increase Your Bottom Line

So many of us think of social media as another thing bogging down our to-do list or one more silly way to waste time. But, my friend, what you may not realize is social media can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target client. Learning how to effectively use social media…

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Social Media for Photographers

social media, photographer, marketing

This is a guest blog post by Iris Works user, Cyrissa Carlson of Sparkle Society. Friends, we need to have a chat about your social feeds. When the Internet blew up with social networks in the early 2000s, it was pretty typical to read a quick update on what a friend was doing, feeling, or…

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