5 Social Media Tips That Will Increase Your Bottom Line

Social Media Tips

So many of us think of social media as another thing bogging down our to-do list or one more silly way to waste time. But, my friend, what you may not realize is social media can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target client. Learning how to effectively use there social media tips can really make difference for your bottom line!

Wanna get serious about your social media strategy so you can book more clients?

Well then….

Here are my top 5 tips to turn your social media platforms into little revenue generating machines:


Stop being sorry

For real, it’s time to stop apologizing for who you are. Instead of doing what you think you should do based on what everyone else is doing, find your voice my friend! You were created with a unique personality, heart, experience and skill set. Be confident in who you were created to be and let that shine through your social media platforms. Take your eyes off everyone else, and rock your sparkly awesomeness like no one else can!  

Build Relationships

Social media is called social media because it’s supposed to lead to social connections…AKA relationships! I often see photographers post things like, “Clients please don’t remove the watermark from this photo or screenshot to repost…that’s stealing.” It’s time to stop that madness, people! You don’t want to shame clients publicly like that; it cuts off the relationship social media was designed to help build. Instead, engage and be welcoming. Respond to the comments left by clients or their friends and families. Throw out a question to your followers, then swing back around a few hours later to respond to those who answer it. Engagement not only helps you form genuine connections by building your know-like-trust factor, it also helps you get a little algorithm love… and who doesn’t love that?

Tagging for the win

The more tags you have on your posts, the better you’ll perform in the algorithms. For example, when you use a geo-tag, your photo will be thrown into the feed with other photos using the same geo-tag, widening your audience of potential clients. If you tag a person using an @ mention, your photo has the potential of being seen by their family and friends, especially if that person likes or comments on your photo. This engagement lets the algorithm know your tag was legit and appreciated by the person who was tagged. Another strategy is to use all. the. Hashtags – on Instagram, you can have up to 30 in one post – so use all of them!!!  This allows your photo to be curated with others using the same hashtag, again widening your reach and increasing your potential for reaching your target audience.

Pro tip: there’s only one no-no here… don’t “crash-tag” anyone. Crash-tagging is tagging a competitor in an effort to steal their clients. Don’t do that, cause stealing is bad and not appreciated {or respected} by the Insta community!

Use video

Okay… you are going to have to get over your live video fear, because it is the future of social media marketing. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2019, 90% of all online content will be video based. Using live video will help you reach 30-50% of your friends and followers organically. Many of those friends and followers will be watching live and engaging during the video. This improves that video’s status in those beloved algorithms… which means more eyes on your content!  I know live video can feel scary. But I promise you, if you utilize it effectively, you will be booking clients like crazy!  If you’re ready to go live and just want a little help, you’ve gotta grab my live video-planning guide. It’s totally free and will help keep you on track!

Drive traffic

So now that you’re rocking it with some serious social media strategies… you’ve got to drive those leads somewhere! Social media is how you get your name and brand in front of people. But you’ve got to move those people on to more valuable places – social media is just the first step in your relationship!  Guide them into your email list.  I personally love Mailchimp for newbies – that affiliate link will earn you a $30 credit after you make your first purchase using a fun freebie or discount!  Then, you’ll be able to build more of a relationship with them, and eventually turn them into clients! So, be sure to include strong calls to action offering potential clients incentives for joining your email list or checking out your website.


Okay, so there you go!  You’ve got everything you need to get started selling on social media.  If you’re ready to dig deeper and learn more about how to effectively use social media to grow your following and make more sales, I’d love to help you out!  My social media training series will help you increase engagement across your social media platforms. It will also help you write a kick-butt Instagram bio, and getting the most out of your Facebook fan page.

{hint: STOP BOOSTING your posts – boosting is bad, ads are fab!!!}!!!  And… it’s free, so seriously, there’s no reason not to grab it… I can’t wait to see you in class!

Cyrissa owns Immerse Photography and is a business coach at Sparkle Society; known for her contagious energy and social media savviness!  With a Master’s in Art Education, experience on the CreativeLive stage, nationally published work, and thousands of sparkly photographers in her online communities. She is well prepared to help YOU shine online!  Get ready to be encouraged, educated, and empowered to make strategic and informed decisions for your business!

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