Wedding Emergency Kit for Photographers

How many times have you been with the bridal party, a mini crisis happens and you had just the perfect thing in your emergency kit to save the day? By “saving the day” you are not only to you provide a bonus service to the couple, but you are helping them more comfortable and stress free on their wedding day! Here are our favorite things to keep in our emergency kit:

1. Bobby pins – These are always handy for the bride or bridesmaids that has part of her updo falling down. Also great for securing a veil!

2. Safety pins – These can be an awesome bustle saver when someone steps on the bride’s dress and breaks her the ties/buttons under the dress.

3. Mini sewing kit – This has coming handy when a groomsmen’s vest tie breaks in the back or they have a button that pops off. If you don’t have one of these on hand, usually the concierge at the hotel will have a small one on hand to use.

4. Handy man tool – Great for clamping shut those hook and eye fasteners to hold up the bustle of a heavy dress. (For some reason they always wiggle off!)

5. Medicine/Bandaids – Always have this on hand for not only you but anyone in the bridal party who may need some.

6. Tide pen – Perfect for fixing quick spills on the front of shirts and dresses.

7. Finepoint sharpie – For the person who is trying to write in a card last minute or if a couple forgets a pen for their guestbook.

8. Lint roller – Great for grooms or to lend to someone real quick before family photos.

9. Small tube of krazy glue – You never know when you’ll need some but usually when you do, you REALLY need it! I get the packs with the little individual tubes so I can just pitch them after one use.

10. Mints – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been back with the bridesmaids and bride and saved the day before they went down the aisle!

11. Lara bars- I always keep these in my shoot sack to pull out when the bride is starting to get a little famished and between the ceremony and reception start time. I usually keep 2-3 in my bag.

12. Visine – If you are a photographer who wears contacts this is good to have on hand anyway for dry eyes!

13. Kleenex – Keep on hand for any teary moment like in the getting ready room for mom and bridesmaids or during the first look. Remember to pat not rub!

14. Crochet hook- For dresses that have those button loops in the back, these are a must!

Bonus: Blanket – Obviously not in my “emergency pack” but I like to keep one in my car if we are at an outdoorsy reception and I want them to sit or lay down on the ground

Most of these items I keep in a quart sized ziploc bag in my main camera bag. It makes it easy to spot what you’re looking for! My kit is constantly changing with each “I wish I had this!” moment at a wedding, but this is a great jumping off point.

What are some items you keep in your emergency bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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